Vietnamese Women’s Day is coming, October 20, have you prepared any gifts for the women you love? Let’s find out some meaningful but affordable gifts in the article below.

In a few days, October 20 will come, you are having a headache because you have not yet chosen a gift for your mother or the women you love. If not, the following article will be some good suggestions that you can refer to.

firstHunt for promotions

Surely, every occasion has a holiday, shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping stores even compete for discounts, promotion increase. Seize this opportunity and bring your beloved woman to shop.

2Order gifts from abroad

If about 5-10 years ago it was extremely difficult to order gifts from abroad, now it is very easy.

You just need to go up the foreign website Choose a product and then contact the shipping company to be able to easily order meaningful gifts The price is pretty good. If buying directly in Vietnam, the price has been calculated by the stores in terms of costs such as space, staff, and profit, so the price will be higher.

The disadvantage of this approach is that you have to Waiting for the goods to arrive for a long time and need to find the Reputable sales website from abroad.

3Handmade gifts

For those who skillful and likes to be creative it is not difficult to make these gifts.

You can make your own cards, collage these roses, paper daisies, stars or cranes… to give the woman you love. Although this is just an ordinary gift, it contains all the emotions inside.

Some tips to buy savings gifts for girlfriends on Vietnamese Women's Day

4Spiritual gift

If you are “out of pocket” On this holiday, it is not possible to buy beautiful gifts to give to the woman you love. please try sing a song they loveor copy good verses to give or simply a sincere wish…

5Prepare a meal yourself

Every year on this occasion, you often go out with your family to a restaurant, so why not go to the market by yourself, Prepare a great party to enjoy with family. It helps to strengthen the family relationship and save even more.

Some tips to buy savings gifts for girlfriends on Vietnamese Women's Day

Above are some meaningful suggestions for this Vietnamese Women’s Day, which can help you have more options to choose gifts for your beloved woman.