Only a few more days until March 8. Have you chosen any International Women’s Day gifts for the women you love yet? If not, please refer to some skin care products in the article below.

Skin care is a very necessary thing for women, helping them become more beautiful and attractive. Coming soon is International Women’s Day, if you are having a headache because you do not know what gift to choose, the following article will be a suggestion for you.

firstVaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 AHA & Pro-Retinol Body Lotion

Body Milk Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Contains extracts containing AHA & Pro-Retinol to help Remove dead cells, stimulate collagen production and effectively reduce wrinkles.

In addition, the product also helps to whiten and even skin tone, sunscreen, reduce dark spots, smooth and firm skin, fade wrinkles, regenerate skin, effectively moisturize skin, nourish skin from deep. inside.

2ST.IVES Daily Hydrating Body Lotion Vitamin E and Butter

ST.IVES Daily Hydrating Body Lotion Vitamin E and Butter With 100% natural moisturizing ingredients, it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Help the skin soft and fresh see.

Green avocado is famous for its ability to provide moisture in addition to which Vitamin E helps moisturize and anti-aging to effectively nourish the skin.

3Hada Labo comprehensive moisturizing lotion

With advanced moisturizing ingredients, 5HAS’ superior moisturizing and covering properties:

HA – Hyaluronic Acid: HA has sponge-like properties with Strong water absorption ability, forming a moisturizing film Protect the skin.

SHA: penetrate deeper than HA, 2 times more water for the skin HA.

Binding HA: Contains HAs that have the ability to bind, help increase elasticity, maintain and save moisture on the skin longer.

3D HA: is a stereotypical HA network Protect skin, increase water retention and support skin layers, helping skin retain moisture for a long time.

Maximizes the moisturizing ability by Sakuran Algae extract.

4Senka Perfect Whip Collagen Facial Cleanser

Senka Perfect Whip Collagen Facial Cleanser with fine white silk foam Combined with collagen essence is a gentle facial cleanser that cleans dirt and sebum deep inside the pores, at the same time Helps skin firm, elastic, smooth, smooth wrinkles, crow’s feetreduce skin sagging.

Senka facial cleanser has a gentle, fresh floral scent, bringing a pleasant and satisfying feeling as soon as you use it.

5L’Oréal White Perfect Cleansing Milk

L’Oréal White Perfect Cleansing Milk Helps to thoroughly remove dirt, sebum, dead cells and makeup. With Toumaline gem essence and Vitamin CG help prevent skin tanning, is the perfect start to the process of smooth white skin care. Day after day, the skin will become more even, whiter and brighter.

6Simple Soothing Facial Toner

Simple Soothing Facial Toner This is a toner line that always ranks in the top “Best seller” of Simple brand.

This is a famous product by ability to deep clean, nourish and balance FIT Best for skin.

The product is completely benign and gentle for your skin. Helping you take care of your skin in the most comprehensive way.

7L’Oréal White Perfect pore tightening and whitening toner

L’Oréal White Perfect pore tightening and whitening toner Helps balance moisture, purify and tighten pores. Help Removes dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth Easy to absorb nutrients from the next skin care steps.

The product also helps smooth white skin and reduce dark spots. Vitamin C helps limit melanin, the cause of skin pigmentation.

8Nivea Extra White Night Nourish Body Lotion

Nivea Extra White Night Nourish Body Lotion has a nutrient-rich formula with micro-molecules that help nutrients penetrate deeply and quickly into the skin, helping to restore and whiten damaged and darkened skin areas caused by intense sunlight.

Products left 10 nutrients boost with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, ginseng extract, lotus flower, pearl, licorice, brown algae,… and Rucinol essence has the effect of helping to limit the production and development of melanin in the skinmoisturizing and smoothing the skin.

Here are some effective skin care products for women. Men can refer to it to choose as a gift on the upcoming March 8.

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