Many parents have trouble changing their newborn’s diaper and don’t know where to start. Learn skills to change diapers for babies through the following article.

Changing a newborn’s diaper isn’t really that difficult, but for first-time parents, it can be confusing. Understanding this, Phunudaily will guide you on how to change diapers for your baby simply through 4 steps.

firstWhat do parents need to prepare before changing a newborn’s diaper?

What do parents need to prepare before changing a newborn's diaper?What do parents need to prepare before changing a newborn’s diaper?

Clean diapers

You should have some diapers ready. Disposable diapers on the market are more convenient than cloth diapers.

Cotton wool, clean cloth or wet tissue

Pediatricians recommend that in the first 8 weeks after birth, parents should use cotton wool and warm water to clean the baby’s lower area instead of wet tissue. This is because wet wipes can irritate the sensitive skin of children. As your baby gets older, you can use a warm, clean washcloth or unscented, alcohol-free wet tissue to clean your baby.

A clean set of clothes

Parents should prepare a clean set of clothes for the baby in case diapers leak or when changing diapers, clothes accidentally get soiled by faeces or urine.

Baby diaper rash cream

Wearing diapers for a long time makes children prone to skin diseases such as diaper rash and irritation. Therefore, pediatricians often recommend that parents prepare additional creams to apply to the child’s buttocks and groin area after cleaning to prevent or treat diaper rash.

A child’s favorite toy

To make changing diapers simple and easy, parents should also prepare an extra favorite toy for the child to “distract” them and prevent them from getting fussy or disruptive during the process.

2Instructions on how to change diapers for babies quickly with only 4 steps

Step 1 Place your baby on a clean, soft, and safe surface

Before changing diapers, mothers should wash their hands thoroughly and dry them.

Prepare enough supplies such as diapers, diaper rash cream or powder, dry wipes or damp towels. You need to choose a clean, flat place for your baby to lie down comfortably.

Place your baby on a clean, soft, and safe surfacePlace your baby on a clean, soft, and safe surface

With a new baby, you should fold part of the diaper down to avoid covering the umbilical cord and keep it dry. After your baby is 2 weeks old, you can pull the diaper over your baby’s navel.

Step 2 Take off dirty diapers and clean your baby

For some babies, changing diapers may cause them to cry, so mothers should create a happy atmosphere for the baby by talking to them and petting them to make them feel safe.

Using both hands, lift the baby’s bottom and gently pull the diaper away from the baby’s body. If the baby’s bottom is dirty or stained with urine, you can use a dry or wet towel to wipe the baby clean.

Take off dirty diapers and clean your babyTake off dirty diapers and clean your baby

For girls: Mothers should use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to wipe the baby from front to back to prevent bacteria. Afterwards, use a clean part of the cloth to wipe the crevices and folds, and then lift the baby’s feet to wipe the bottom. Once finished, place the wet towel in the dirty diaper and roll it up.

For boys: When cleaning your baby, cover their private area with a towel to prevent them from urinating and splashing. Then, gently wipe around the baby’s private area.

Step 3 Dry and change diapers

When changing the baby’s diaper, use a gauze soaked in water or medical alcohol to wipe away any hard plaque or mucus between the umbilical cord tip and the skin. Once the umbilical cord falls off completely, use a towel to wipe the baby.

After thoroughly cleaning the baby, use a dry towel to ensure that their skin is dry and not overheated. Then, apply diaper rash cream or powder to the baby’s bottom and skin folds before putting on a new diaper.

Dry and change diapersDry and change diapers

Step 4 How to change a new diaper for a baby

Lift the baby’s bottom with one hand and place the new diaper underneath. Pull the stickers on both sides of the diaper and secure it to fit the baby’s bottom. Avoid making the diaper too tight, as it can leave marks on the baby’s skin, and ensure there are no gaps to prevent waste from leaking. Finally, dress your baby and wash your hands thoroughly.

How to change a new diaper for a babyHow to change a new diaper for a baby

Parents should pay attention when changing diapers for babies, choose places with little wind and sunlight, and act quickly to avoid the baby getting cold. Hopefully, with the above sharing of experiences, it will help first-time parents not be surprised and find it easier!

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