Some tips applied in the kitchen will make women much more comfortable. Immediately refer to some tips in this article that will make your kitchen work easier.

Kitchen work will be much easier and faster if you know a few helpful tips. If you are looking to learn female housework, then immediately refer to some tips in the article below

firstCleaning wooden cutting boards

Usually, you will clean the wooden cutting board with dishwashing liquid. However, if you want your cutting board to be even cleaner. Try using salt. You use a little granulated salt, then rub it on the cutting board and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Finally, use a piece of lemon to scrub again and then rinse with clean water.

Simple tips to make cooking easier

2Helps keep food in the microwave from drying out

Normally, when reheating food in the microwave, the food after heating will often be dry. To overcome this situation, put 1 cup of filtered water next to the food dish. The steam will evaporate and soften your food.

Simple tips to make cooking easier

3Clean pots and pans with salt

Instead of washing pots and pans with dish soap, try using granulated salt. Salt will effectively kill bacteria. In addition, salt also helps pots and pans last longer and do not rust.

4Cut cakes as beautiful as at the shop

To cut the cake beautifully and neatly like at the shop, before cutting the cake, you just need to use a sharp knife and dip it in boiling water. Then, use a paper towel and quickly dry the knife, then quickly cut the cake.

Simple tips to make cooking easier

5Keep ginger from drying out when refrigerated

If the ginger after use is still left over, if it is stored outside, it will wither and cannot be used again.

Hopefully with some small tips above will help women’s kitchen work easier. If you do not know these tips, you can apply them right away.

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