Choosing the right diaper for your baby is always a concern for parents. To help moms make the right choice, BHK GREEN will help you learn the pros and cons of these two diapers!

Sticky diapers or pants diapers each have their own characteristics, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help mothers choose products for their children, in the article below.

firstAre diapers any good?

Stickers diapers


  • Usually diapers will have low price than diaper pants
  • The number of diapers in each bag is also more.
  • Maybe Size can be adjusted Fits baby’s body thanks to stickers.
  • The design of the sticker diaper is also more airy, does not make the baby uncomfortable when used even in hot weather.


  • The patch on the diaper is a bit hard, it will make the baby’s belly red because the patch rubs on the belly.
  • Baby is very hyperactive, often crawls, flips the diaper to one side, so the baby’s urine can spill out.

2Are diapers any good?

Diaper pants


  • Diapers are very Easy to usemom can dress the baby at any time even when the baby is playing.
  • It is also used as a pair of pants, which can be worn by the baby when going out without having to add an extra layer of cloth pants outside.
  • The use time of diaper diapers is also longer than that of tape diapers thanks to the ability High absorbency.
  • With elastic design on both sides, hugging the baby’s body to help prevent overflow even when the baby is active.


  • The cost of pants diapers is higher than that of tape diapers.
  • Same size but the number of pants diapers will be less than patch diapers.
  • It also makes the baby feel cramped, sweat a lot and have marks on the skin due to the high waistband, hugging the baby’s hips.
  • The design of tight pants diapers will cause the baby to get a diaper rash if the mother does not change the diaper regularly.

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3Should I use diapers or diapers for my baby?

Should you choose diapers or diapers for your baby?

Both diapers and diapers have their own pros and cons. So, which diaper should you choose for your baby depends on the parents’ economy and the child’s needs. Mothers can refer to Pampers diapers for large or small babies.

You can also use both diapers at the same time to change your baby.

  • For adhesive diapers: Mother should use during the day or hot sunny days. Because the design of the diaper is very airy, it is very suitable for the baby to use at this time, so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable or sweaty when using it.

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  • For diaper pants: You can use it at night. Because at night, usually the temperature will drop, using diapers at this time will keep the baby warm and prevent spills effectively, helping the baby sleep well without the mother having to wake up to change the diaper for the baby in the middle of the night.

Above is Bach Hoa Xanh’s share on the advantages and disadvantages of diapers and diapers. Please consult and choose the right diaper for your baby!

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