We easily realize that watermelon is a favorite cooling fruit of many families, especially with sisters. So what about pregnant mothers after giving birth? Should you eat watermelon?

Watermelon is a fruit that has good cooling properties, helps diuretic, helps treat high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, cures diabetes, kidney diseases, good for eyes, strengthens the immune system. Therefore, whether to eat watermelon is a question that many pregnant women are interested in after giving birth. Let’s find out now!

firstPostpartum women should eat watermelon?

For pregnant women after giving birth, the body will be quite uncomfortable and tired, especially on hot and sunny days, so thinking about sipping a cool and sweet, nutritious melon will make pregnant mothers excited. more concussion. Even so, know that watermelon has many health benefits But new-born women need to limit their intake of this fruit. The advice comes from medical research.

At this stage, the mother’s body eats a lot of cool fruits, which can easily lead to the risk of catching a cold. The organs have not returned to normal, so the stomach and intestinal tract are easily damaged. Watermelon is cold, so it is easy to give birth to cold, flatulence and can cause diarrhea for both mother and baby. Therefore, nursing mothers should not eat watermelon.

If the mother eats a lot of watermelon after giving birth, it will cause damage to the spleen and stomach because the body is not stable and weak. Postpartum mothers pay special attention to this to avoid consequences that cause regret. It even affects the quality of breast milk and affects the development of the nursing baby.

When the baby is born, the mother’s body is weak, it is necessary to supplement food with a reasonable diet to help the mother’s body heal soon.

If pregnant mothers still want to eat watermelon after giving birth, they should only eat it in moderation (200-500 g/week) to ensure the health of pregnant women with extremely effective blood tonic effects.

Pregnant women after giving birth especially note these things when they want to eat watermelon:

  • Don’t eat too much cold watermelon.
  • After giving birth, if you have a cold or fever, you should not eat watermelon.
  • Mother has poor kidney, kidney failure, should not eat.
  • Do not eat watermelon near meal time.
  • Watermelon that is left for a long time should not be eaten.
  • So what fruit should pregnant women eat after giving birth?

Instead of watermelon, the mother should use some other fruits to help improve the health and benefit of milk for the baby such as:

  • Grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines help stop bleeding and benefit postpartum milk.

  • Banana pepper contains high iron content which is good for the blood.

  • Labels help mothers recover quickly after giving birth.

  • Ripe papaya has antioxidant effects, replenishes blood and limits postpartum constipation.

  • Custard apple strengthens the immune system.

  • Breastfeeding helps increase milk production for mothers after giving birth.

  • Figs help promote milk after birth.

Above is the answer to the question: Should pregnant women eat watermelon after giving birth? Hope this article will give pregnant mothers a lot of useful information for health!

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