The rainy season is the time when mosquitoes are rampant, mothers need an effective anti-mosquito measure but still ponder and wonder, “Should I use mosquito repellent?” Check out the article below now!

Dengue fever is increasing day by day, hour by hour brings with it serious consequences. Therefore, the prevention of mosquitoes for children is now very important, parents are the ones who worry about their children the most right now. Mosquito repellents are a consideration, but are such chemicals harmful to children? Start looking for the answer right here in the article below!

firstShould or should not use mosquito repellent for children?

Young children are always the first target of mosquito attacks, because children are not yet able to protect themselves. Insects like mosquitoes in the rainy season are more and more dangerous, especially for young children.

Once a child has been bitten by a mosquito, in addition to having a rash, swelling, redness, ..Children can suffer from many dangerous diseases: dengue fever, encephalitis, etc., which adversely affect the child’s development.

Also because children are not able to protect themselves, this time Using mosquito repellent is necessary for children to stay safe and stay away from mosquitoes that transmit disease.

However, because children’s skin is still quite sensitive, it’s best Mosquito repellents should only be used on babies over 6 months old and only products made specifically for babies.

2How to use mosquito repellent safely?

Using mosquito repellent, but parents still have to pay attention and choose the most suitable mosquito repellent for children.

For young children you should use liquid or cream-based medications instead of sprays. The spray can be mixed into the air and can easily enter the body through the respiratory tract, similar to the inhalation of harmful chemicals by children.

You should use anti-mosquito products with natural ingredients such as lemongrass, lemon, grapefruit, orange, .. for children. Stay away from products containing DEET because it can affect the central nervous system of children.

When using it for children, remember that Do not put medicine on children’s hands, because children often put their hands in their mouth.

After the medicine wears off, you must wash the baby clean to remove chemicals on the skin.

3How to prevent mosquitoes for children

– Dress children in light colors, as mosquitoes tend to be attracted to dark colors.

– Always keep the child clean because when the child sweats a lot, it is also easy to be attacked by mosquitoes.

– Using a mosquito net and checking before going to bed is the most effective way to prevent mosquito bites.

– Cleaning the house and around the house.

– When spraying or using mosquito spray products, you also need to take your baby outside.

So you also have the answer to whether or not you should use mosquito repellent products for your children, right? Hopefully the above information is detailed enough for parents to make decisions and choices to ensure the health and safety of their children. In addition, you can refer to soffell mosquito repellent cream to protect yourself from mosquito bites!

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