Some mothers have the habit of mixing Milo or Ovaltine into infant formula to change the taste. So, is this way of mixing milk harmful to the baby or not? Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH!

What are the benefits of Milo or Ovaltine?

Should Milo or Ovaltine be mixed into infant formula?

Milo and Ovaltine are both drinks extracted from cocoa, barley germ and some other nutrients needed by the body.

These two drinks provide energy for the body faster, develop height, weight and intelligence in children.

Thanks to the delicious cocoa and chocolate flavor, suitable for children, stimulating the taste buds, helping children eat more deliciously.

These two drinks are almost the same, only slightly different in taste. Milo has a cocoa flavor, while Ovaltine has a strong chocolate flavor. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right drink for your child.

Is it okay to add Milo and Ovaltine to milk?

Should Milo or Ovaltine be mixed into infant formula?

You can completely add Milo and Ovaltine to your baby’s milk. Adding a little Milo or Ovaltine does not affect the health of the child.

Add Milo or Ovaltine to change the taste, make children crave milk more. This is very beneficial for anorexia, malnourished children.

In addition, Milo and Ovaltine also help children gain weight and increase height. If combined properly, this cocoa-flavored drink will supplement the necessary nutrients for children.

Do not overuse Milo and Ovaltine

Should Milo or Ovaltine be mixed into infant formula?

These two types of drinks are only beneficial to health when you use them in moderation. Using too much Milo and Ovaltine brings unwanted harm to the body.

When combined with milk, if too much Milo is used, Ovaltine can easily cause excess nutrients and obesity. Because milk itself contains many nutrients.

Milo and Ovaltine themselves, when used a lot, will cause constipation, digestive disorders, heat in the body leading to mouth ulcers and other symptoms.

In addition, Milo and Ovaltine are drinks that contain a lot of sugar. Children who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to develop diabetes later in life.

Some notes on mixing milk with Milo, Ovaltine for high efficiency

Should Milo or Ovaltine be mixed into infant formula?

Only give milk from 1 year old to children with added Milo and Ovaltine. Due to the immature digestive system of children under 1 year old, they cannot absorb the nutrients in these two drinks.

Milo and Ovaltine are just complementary foods when mixed, powdered milk is still the main ingredient. Therefore, mothers should only add a little Milo, Ovaltine to milk for babies!

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