Toad meat is considered a nutritious food and has been used as a remedy for various diseases since ancient times. However, is it suitable for children’s growth and nutritional recovery? Let’s explore this topic with Bach Hoa XANH.

firstToad meat is not more nutritious than other types of meat

Toad meat is not more nutritious than other types of meat

According to Oriental Medicine, toad meat can enhance digestion and appetite in children as it helps to supplement the spleen. 100 grams of toad meat contains 18.6 grams of protein and some essential trace elements, particularly zinc.

However, in reality, the nutritional content in toad meat is similar to that of chicken, beef, frog, shrimp, and crab meat- all safe and affordable sources of nutrition.

Therefore, instead of giving children toad meat, parents should opt for safe food sources that provide adequate nutrition and add green vegetables to their diet.

2Bufotoxine – a highly toxic substance that can be harmful to babies

Bufotoxine - a very toxic substance that can be dangerous for babies

Toad meat contains bufotoxine, an extremely toxic and heat-stable substance found in various parts of the toad, including the liver, eggs, skin, pus, eyes, and nerve ganglia. This substance, also known as toad venom or toadstool, can be fatal within a short period of time.

It is estimated that the amount of bufotoxin in a single toad can be lethal to 4-5 healthy individuals. Therefore, if mothers do not know how to properly remove the skin and organs of the toad, the toxins can stick to the meat, posing a significant danger to babies.

3Various types of toad meat products available on the market

  Currently, there are varieties of toad meat or toad rub that are widely sold on the market

Currently, there are various types of toad meat and toad rub being sold in the market. However, most of these products lack clear origins and are of questionable quality. Therefore, it is not recommended for children to consume toad meat, toad rub, or any food made from toad meat sold by street vendors as the risk of poisoning is significantly high due to unregulated processing.

The symptoms of toad poisoning include fatigue, coldness, muscle aches, bloating, restlessness, diarrhea, dehydration, low blood pressure, and sometimes slower or irregular heartbeat. If a child experiences these symptoms after consuming toad meat, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention.

There are many nutrient-rich and safe products available in the market today that are suitable for children. Instead of using toad meat, mothers should provide their children with adequate nutrition from sources such as pork, beef, eggs, green vegetables, or milk. A healthy diet combined with exercise and physical activity will help keep your child healthy.

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