Beef is a very nutritious food, but many mothers were very hesitant to let their children eat beef while weaning, let’s find out about this with Bach Hoa Xanh.

How many months old babies can eat beef

When young over 7 months old, mothers can completely introduce their babies to beef. Children under 6 months should not eat beef because at this time, the baby’s digestive system is still weak and cannot digest the large amount of protein in meat.

Mothers can introduce babies to beef by cooking beef porridge. Note Feed your baby little, eat little by little to see the baby’s reaction.

Some green vegetables can be eaten with children’s beef porridge such as broccoli, carrots, potatoes, beans, …

When children are over 7 months old, mothers can completely introduce their babies to beefWhen children are over 7 months old, mothers can completely introduce their babies to beef

How to choose and prepare beef for children

– Should choose sirloin beef, the back of the beef is soft, not tough, without many tendons.

– The beef you buy is washed thoroughly, then thinly sliced ​​and then minced or pureed then used to cook porridge.

– Should change minced beef porridge for children with other types of meat for children during the week to provide children with more nutrients.

Suggest some dishes from beef for babies

Porridge with beef, pumpkin


– Pumpkin pieces about 15-20g

– Ground beef about 15g

– 100 g of pre-cooked porridge

– Fish sauce

Porridge with beef, pumpkin


– Pumpkin you cut into small pieces like pomegranate seeds for easy ripening.

– Put the broth, pumpkin in a pot to boil, turn down the heat and pour the cooked porridge in and cook until cooked.

– Then you put the minced beef into the pot.

– Season with a little fish sauce, then turn off the stove, let it cool for children to use.

Beef celery porridge


– Minced beef about 15g

– Celery about 15g

– 100g of ready-made porridge

– Fish sauce.

Beef celery porridge


– Celery takes the soft leaves and then finely chopped.

– Bring water to a boil, add chopped celery and ready-made porridge to boil, then add ground beef and mix well. Cook for a few minutes until the beef is cooked through.

D- put porridge in a bowl, add a little fish sauce for children to eat easily.

Hope the article helps you answer about beef when feeding your baby weaning and making nutritious beef dishes for your baby!

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