Hot cocoa powder has an attractive aroma and taste, is a favorite drink of many people and has many health benefits. But with young children, should they drink cocoa powder or not?

firstNutritional value of cocoa powder

– Researchers at Cornel University (USA) have found that in a cup of hot cocoa contains a lot of antioxidants and high levels of flavonoids (a compound that helps improve blood pressure, heart and oral health). .

Cacao also contains a high magnesium content, which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, promotes blood vessels to work, relaxes muscles and regulates blood sugar levels.

Hot cocoa is also a beneficial drink for the digestive system.

2Can babies drink cocoa powder?

– Maybe adults think cocoa powder has a bitter taste and is not suitable for children. However, with a little adjustment and coordination in the preparation, cocoa powder can become a nutritious and very popular drink for children.

– If parents are afraid that drinks made from cocoa powder are not good for children, just imagine that drinking a cup of hot cocoa is similar to eating a small chocolate bar or a little nutritious cake, other than cocoa powder contains Less sugar, sometimes even better for the baby.

Baby drinking cocoa is like eating some chocolate or cookies

Baby drinking cocoa is like eating some chocolate or cookies

Note: Drinks made from cocoa powder should only be a change of taste for the baby, not a substitute for other essential nutritional foods such as milk. If you drink cocoa powder with milk, you should not too often, because baby milk has been calculated on the most appropriate and safest formula for your baby’s nutritional needs and health.

And best, only let your baby try cocoa powder when he is over 1 year old to avoid problems for his undeveloped digestive system.

See more details in the article: What are the effects of cocoa and should it be given to children?

3Check out how to make nutritious and delicious cocoa powder for kids


– 1 teaspoon of pure cocoa powder.

– 100 ml of oat milk or almond milk, fresh milk can be used for babies over 1 year old.

– A small pinch of cinnamon powder.

If used for adults, use the above ingredients in double the ratio.

How to prepare:

– Mix cocoa and cinnamon powder in a cup.

– Gently heat the milk in a saucepan.

– Add hot milk to cocoa cup and stir until cocoa powder is dissolved.

– Sprinkle a little more cinnamon powder and let your baby enjoy.

A cup of hot cocoa mixed with oat milk is great for kids

Note that it is necessary to check the temperature before giving it to the baby to avoid burning the mouth.

A little drink made from cocoa powder will not harm your baby, help him change the taste and may have additional benefits. But parents, remember not to give your baby cocoa powder instead of milk, it will make the baby lack nutrition!