Stubborn stains, especially yellow stains, give women a headache and don’t know how to turn their items back to the way they were when they first bought it? Don’t worry there is a way!

Are you helpless because the dirt doesn’t come out all the time? lamenting because I accidentally made things yellow or simply the soles of my shoes are old, how do I make it as bright as new? Those are always the eternal questions of many women every time they clean something that is soiled and can’t be erased.

Don’t complain anymore because now GREEN BHAG has found a recipe to help you turn yellowed, dirty, unbleached items into clean as new. That is the bleaching method.

How to clean stains with bleach brewing method

This method is quite simple and Phunudaily accidentally found it after one mistake, making the rubber rim of the brand new pressure cooker yellow and unexpectedly it succeeded beyond expectations. In this article, I will use my slippers for too long and have dirt and yellow stains on the soles.

The sole of the shoe has been washed but is still yellowed and has stubborn stainsThe sole of the shoe has been washed but is still yellowed and has stubborn stains

The method is very simple, you just need Soak a tissue in bleach like Javel and wrap it around the yellowed areathen use a dry paper towel to wrap it again and place it in a very tight place, for example, you can put it in a bucket and then cover it.

In about 1 to 2 hours, you take it out and receive the results. Yellow stains, dirt will be completely removed, you just need to wash it again and it will be like new. Note that the longer the incubation time, the higher the effect.

The fact that the used items are old for a long time and are no longer like new, it is not strange for housewives, right. With this method, you can easily renew household items such as shoe soles, pressure cooker rubber rims, etc.

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