In many dishes, vegetables need to be diced, the dish will be many times more delicious. Learn how to properly cut pomegranate seeds in the article below.

Many dishes need diced vegetables, the dish will be much more attractive like ketchup dishes. But how to cut pomegranate seeds correctly, not everyone knows. See how to cut pomegranate seeds from tomatoes below.

First of all, you guys cut off the head of the tomato, then use the tip of the knife to remove all the seeds of the tomato. This helps when slicing pomegranates Easier to cut without slimy juices.

Next, you cut the tomato vertically into pieces straight lineLater Turn the tomato over and continue cutting.

Finally, you Place the tomato horizontally On the cutting board, use a knife to cut into pomegranate seeds.

So we have finished how to cut tomatoes into pomegranate seeds. I wish you success.