Sensa Cool is a very good herb, helping to clear body heat effectively. So can pregnant women drink Sensa Cool? Find out in the following article.

Sensa cools is known as health food, It is prepared almost entirely from nature from lemon, cinnamon bark, which helps to quickly relieve symptoms such as: heat in the body, sore throat, mouth sores, pimples …

Also helps Adding natural Vitamin C to help strengthen resistance With fresh lemon flavor, mild sweetness, easy to drink.

firstCan pregnant women drink sensa cool?

Sensa Cool is very good, so can pregnant women drink it?

Sensa cool is a food derived from nature or in other words from herbs and ingredients in sensa cool. No effects on pregnancy have been reported. So pregnant women can use sensa cool.

However, it is not for that reason that pregnant women can abuse it, but it is necessary to take it in the correct dosage as well as under the advice of a doctor.

With pregnant women follow Doctor’s advice is not to use more than 2 sachets per day. If you have a cough and heat in your body, but you have used sensa cool products but find that the disease does not subside, it is best to see an obstetrician to check the health of the mother and fetus for early appropriate treatment.

2Note when using sensa cool

Sensa Cool is very good, so can pregnant women drink it?

Do not abuse sensa cool, During the treatment of the disease should drink more water and use more green vegetables, fresh fruits … to improve the effectiveness.

Sensa cool is just a functional food that only has supportive properties, not used to treat diseases, so if the case is severe, you should see a doctor and get treatment.

Hopefully, the information shared just now will help you answer the question of whether pregnant women can drink sensa cool so that you can feel more secure in using this product.