In addition to breast milk, solid food is a food that helps babies supplement nutrition for healthy development in the first months of life. With this article, Bach Hoa Xanh would like to share with you how to choose the right and quality weaning powder for babies from 6 months old.

Choosing solid food for a 6-month-old baby, what should mothers consider?

Criteria for choosing solid food powder for 6-month-old babies

Choose powder according to your baby’s development stage and taste

From the age of 6 months, breast milk cannot satisfy the nutrition source for the baby, the baby enters the weaning phase. At this stage, the baby’s digestive system is still weak, mothers should choose different types of food soft sweet powderOkay made from grains, vegetables, milk.

If the baby eats well and regularly, the flour should not be changed often, on the contrary, if the baby is anorexic, the mother should change the flour to suit the baby’s taste, avoiding making the baby bored.

Learn more about the nutritional composition of baby powder

Although the digestive system is still very immature, at this stage, the baby needs a higher amount of nutrients 3 to 5 times compared to adults. Therefore, when choosing flour, mothers should carefully study whether the nutritional components of the powder are adequate, and at the same time Prioritize choosing flour with added fibergood for the digestive system of children.

The nutrients mom should check in the powder ingredients are iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins A, C, D, B1, …

Criteria for choosing solid food powder for 6-month-old babies

Prioritize safe products of reputable brands

Products from the reputable brand with full information and clear origin should be preferred by mothers. In addition, each baby has different strengths and preferences, so a powder may be suitable for one baby but not for another, so mothers should not listen to unfounded suggestions but arbitrarily change the appropriate weaning powder. with my baby.

Choose guaranteed baby powders from Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no colorants to be safe for the baby to use.

Notes when feeding your baby with solid food powder

Feed your baby from a little to a lot

The 6-month-old baby is in the process of getting used to solid foods in parallel with breast milk, so let the baby have time to get used to and adapt to solid foods. Feed your baby slowly, eat little in moderation. When your baby starts to get used to it, so slightly increase the amount of flour in each meal to provide adequate nutrition for the baby.

Notes when feeding your baby with solid food powder

Feed your baby from thin to thick

Because the baby was only used to drinking breast milk before, liquid nutrition will make it easier for the baby to absorb and get used to. For the first time, you should choose your baby to eat solid foods with very diluted powderthen please gradually thickeningBaby will be easier to eat and digest.

Feed your baby powder from sweet to salty

Pay attention to your child’s taste development. When the baby is 6 months old, it is recommended to feed the baby sweet powder made from wheat flour, milk, vegetables, fruits, etc. When the baby is 8 months old or older, the mother can change and feed the baby all kinds of food. Salty flour with protein from fish meat,… At this time, the baby’s digestive system is strong and the ability to perceive taste is better, the baby will be more suitable for these solid foods!

Notes when feeding your baby with solid food powder

Give your baby a variety of foods

In order for the baby not to get bored quickly, the mother should learn a few types of weaning powder suitable for the baby’s condition and with the baby’s favorite flavor to Feed the baby change. Besides, try Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible Because breast milk contains a lot of nutrients and helps the baby increase resistance.

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Through this article, I hope that mothers have given themselves more tips on choosing solid food for 6-month-old babies that are effective and safe. Follow Bach Hoa XANH’s articles to get more useful information!

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