3D Mask is actually not too new, but it has the opportunity to make it more stormy since the air in big cities has fallen into an alarming state of pollution. See how users share when using this 3D Mask!

With a smart 3D design that hugs the face, 3D masks not only prevent dust well but also create a light and airy feeling for users. Take a look at user reviews about this type of mask, which is considered to have many advantages!

firstA good product, worth the experience

Soft and light material, comfortable feeling, ventilation when using. That is the assessment of most 3D mask users, when Holding the product in the hand feels quite soft, but it is very comfortable to put onhugs the chin, nose and cheeks but does not block the airway thanks to the bulging design on the front.

A good product, worth the experienceA good product, worth the experience

Understandably, users often think that the thick and multi-layered mask material will be better against dust, but few people expect the design of the 3D mask to have such superior dust resistance.

A female user named Ny Phan shared more, when using a regular medical mask with an iron frame on the nose, when I came back to remove makeup, the makeup remover was very dirty, but When I switched to using 3D Mask, the dirtiness was reduced, only remaining on the forehead and cheeks. A pretty clear confirmation for the magic dust resistance of the 3D Mask.

Comfortable communication, not afraid of lipstick drift. Women who use 3D Mask are very excited, because when they finish applying lipstick, they are not afraid of smearing lipstick, sticking lipstick on the mask, even freely communicating without taking off the mask.

Surely going to a meeting or party with light makeup, wearing a 3D Mask will help you feel quite secure for your makeup.

A product that is suitable for long trips. “For traveling or backpacking, the 3D Mask must be indispensable” is the review of 1 user. Thanks to its slim profile and extremely good dust resistance, when traveling long distances by motorbike, the 3D Mask will provide good protection for the airways.

Very convenient for those of you who wear glasses, breathing does not evaporate water on the glasses. Review of a close friend named Linh Thuy Duong on Sheis.vn.

That is a “concern” of most of you with glasses when wearing a mask, it’s okay to move, but when standing still and communicating, the moisture through the airways through the nostrils on the mask blurs the glass. Wearing a 3d Mask, this situation is completely absent.

2There are advantages, but disadvantages are not lacking!

The price is a bit steep! This is the general rating of many users. 3D Mask has a price of about 3000 – 5000 VND / 1 piece, compared to regular medical masks, it is much more expensive. That is why many users think that this is a product worth experiencing, but lacking in economy.

Good dust protection, but too poor sun protection! Another disadvantage of the 3D Mask is mentioned by you. It shields very well from the nose to the chin, but has too large a sun gap on the cheeks and ears, so the sunshade effect is too low, easy to “burn” in the middle of the day. Therefore, many of you only dare to use this product in the early morning or late afternoon.

The model is too crude! The design of the 3D Mask 1 sided mask creates excitement for young people with personality, style, likes uniqueness, gives a “cool” feeling, but for many people, it looks quite rough, making them feel not very “gentle, honest” (According to Quynh Ngo’s assessment on Sheis.vn).

Quick stretch strap. Reviews of many users say that the strap of the 3D Mask mask is quite soft, comfortable to wear, but it quickly stretches, the second time it was worn, it felt quite loose. Users think that if this drawback is overcome, the product will be perfect.

Above is the part where the writer synthesizes information from the reviews of those who have used the 3D Mask mask so that everyone can identify the advantages, as well as consider the disadvantages of this mask before choosing to use.

Reference source: Sheis.vn