Sapporo Beer approached the Vietnamese market not too long ago, but the quality, taste and price are all easy to conquer Vietnamese customers. At Bach Khoa Xanh, there are various types of Sapporo beer with the best price and best quality on the market.

As a product originating from the land of the rising sun, Sapporo beer from Japan approaches and quickly captures the love of Vietnamese diners. To learn more about this highly rated beer, check out the article.

firstSapporo beer from which country?

Sapporo is the oldest famous beer brand in JapanSapporo is the oldest famous beer brand in Japan

Sapporo is The oldest famous beer brand in Japanwas born in 1876, the product not only conquered connoisseurs of drinking in Japan but also many countries around the world. With Sapporo Premium, this beer brand has established the position of best selling Asian beer in the US market.

Traditional beer ingredients used in all products up to the present time of Sapporo include water, malt, cereals and hops, based on modern brewing technology, premium quality of the Japanese, Sapporo easily conquer the taste and refreshing feeling of diners right from the first time enjoying.

2Sapporo beers and their prices

Sapporo Premium Bottled Beer

Sapporo Premium Bottled BeerSapporo Premium Bottled Beer

Bottled with a capacity of 330 ml, the bottle is slim, the color is delicate, enough to create luxury without losing youthfulness, easily conquering dynamic young people. Products have 5% alcohol content

Reference price: About 19,000 VND/bottle.

Sapporo Premium Canned Beer

Sapporo Premium Canned BeerSapporo Premium Canned Beer

With silver white cans dotted with orange logos, Sapporo beer cans bring luxury and enhance the level of beer enjoyment. The smooth beer taste remains forever in each beer, increasing the feeling of excitement for the fun.

Sapporo canned beer has 2 forms:

Reference price:

Sapporo beer 330ml costs about 18,500 VND.

Sapporo beer 500ml can cost about 29,600 VND.

6 cans of Sapporo 330ml beer costs about 107,000 VND.

A batch of 6 cans of 500ml Sapporo beer costs about 174,000 VND.

Sapporo Premium Beer 100% Malt

Sapporo Premium Beer 100% MaltSapporo Premium Beer 100% Malt

Sapporo Premium 100% Malt canned beer is a special product, produced with 100% barley ingredients for delicious beer taste, easy to drink, suit the taste of many people. Beer has a beautiful golden color, light weight, smooth foam. Sapporo Premium Beer 100% Malt has alcohol content is 3.5% with a capacity of 330ml/can.

Sapporo Premium Beer 100% Malt 330ml can cost about 19,000 VND

6 cans of Sapporo Premium Beer 100% Malt 330ml for about 115,000 VND

Sapporo Blue Cap beer cans

Sapporo Blue Cap beer cansSapporo Blue Cap beer cans

Is a new product line of Sapporo, born after Sapporo Premium but also makes a strong impression on consumers. The design of the blue cap and the dominant blue tone for the beer can is impressive, increase the feeling of liveliness, increase the excitement for young people to enjoy. Beer with alcohol content of 4.5%, canned of 330 ml.

Reference price: Sapporo Blue Cap 330ml beer costs about 13,500 VND/can.

Sapporo Premium draft beer

Sapporo Premium draft beerSapporo Premium draft beer

Although it is a draft beer product, the Sapporo Premium draft beer line still retains the premium quality according to Japanese standards, the fresh beer taste is smooth, fresh and refreshing for the intimate fun to be sublimated with each beer glass. Sapporo Premium draft beer has 5% alcohol content.

With each Sapporo beer product, users can admire the delicate beauty in design, smooth and refreshing taste in taste, feel all the quality of the product born from the Japanese.

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