Oreo cake, we have eaten a lot already, right? To create a novelty, Oreo has just launched the Oreo Music Box product. Let’s find out in this article right now.

Oreo Music Box was first launched and sold in China in 2017 and really caused a fever, then spread to the US and Vietnam is the 3rd country to sell this music box.

A few months ago, this music box was sold on some e-commerce websites and also became a fever to the point of selling out. Now, Bach Khoa GREEN has information about to be re-opened and I had the opportunity to have this music box with a new version and new design.

You can watch a detailed clip about this product here.

firstPackaging and design

Oreo Music Box has an outer box made of paper and have relatively large size. It is possible that this is a new design because the Oreo music boxes that have been sold before do not have the same design as the model I am reviewing.

The bottom of the box has a very specific and easy to understand user manual printed in Vietnamese.

Review Oreo Music Box - Let's give love to people with Oreo

2Open the product box

When you open the box you will see 4 packages of cakes arranged around and the music box will be in the middle.

At first, I thought there would be 4 different flavors with 4 cakes, but there are only 2 flavors that’s it, that’s the taste vanilla and chocolatea bit different from the versions I’ve known before.

3Design of the music box

The music box is relatively small in size. The back of the music box has some information about technical specifications, safety information when using.

When opening the box, the music box inside is also carefully packed with foam layer. The design is similar to one classical music playercardboard material is cute and environmental protection.

Review Oreo Music Box - Let's give love to people with Oreo

The top of the music box has 1 button, 2 small led lights, 1 speaker and 1 lever. The middle circle has 5 sensorsfrom which they will recognize and play different music.

The back of the music box has a place to install the battery. The sad thing is There is no built-in battery and no screwdriver to turn it on which you have to prepare yourself, the standard battery is 3 AAA batteries.

Review Oreo Music Box - Let's give love to people with Oreo

4Instructions for playing music and recording

Play music

To play music you put the cake in center black circlethen pull the lever in the middle of the cake, the machine will play music, if you want to change the music, bite a piece of cake and put it back on, pull the lever in and the machine will change another song.


You put the cake in the black circle, then pull the lever inward, then you press the button shaped like a microphone as shown below, when the light turn blue is possible to record. After recording, keep warm again to turn on the lights turn red is the recorded recording.

To play back the recording, you put the cake in the middle black circle, then pull the lever in the middle of the cake, the machine will play back your recording, and then play the music.

Review Oreo Music Box - Let's give love to people with Oreo


After experiencing the product, I feel the music playback and song switching features Stable and interesting.

The design, packaging, and packaging are very careful and safe with most of the paperboard material, so it’s very Environmental friendliness.

The recording feature also works quite well, you can use it to send words of love to your family. In addition, you can also use it to confess, people have a song “Borrowing wine to confess” then now i “Borrowing Oreo to confess” so cute too.

You can also use it as a lovely decoration in the room. Very good product suitable as a gift for childreneven adults love this feature.

And those of you who like to collect unique and strange things, you can’t miss this box because it is sold in limited quantities.

The Oreo cake is already so delicious, there is nothing to say about the quality of the product anymore.

So I have finished reviewing the Oreo Music Box product, this may be an interesting gift for that person I often love. Soon, Phunudaily will have information to open for sale this product, hurry up and order this product, because this product is produced in limited quantities.