Recently, Samyang sauce is loved by many young people because of its unique taste. Let’s learn about this product in the article below.

Samyang spicy sauce is being tried and evaluated by many food bloggers, accidentally discovered a place in District 7 that sells it, so I bought it right away. Famous for its fiery taste and bold dipping sauce, Samyang’s spicy sauce has stormed the market as soon as it was launched.

See detailed review of Samyang fever in the clip here.

firstProduct overview

On the hand of the product, first with a rather small design, the top of the lid has a solid layer of nylon.

On the packaging clearly shows the expiration date and weight. In particular, the product contains 0.57% chicken, that is, in 1 bottle of this 200g there are 0.2g chicken meat, could not be felt with so little chicken. Certainly, nVegetarians will not be able to use this product.

Open the plastic part that covers the lid, there will be an extra lid inside. The mouth of the bottle has a groove design that is not too big, so when the sauce is poured out, it will not be poured too much.

Try pouring the sauce into a bowl, it’s easy to smell the strong smell of chili, typical aroma of spicy Samyang noodles. The sauce is quite liquidbut you can easily see the tiny chili pepper, just looking at it is already spicy.

Especially when using, you should shake well before use so that the oil and chili can blend together for better taste.

2What food can Samyang sauce be eaten with?

Samyang sauce can be used to dip chicken, mix with noodles, eat with rice with seafood, raw food, eat with bread, burger,…

Make vegetable dipping sauce, barbecue, sausage, steak.

Make soy sauce mixed with spicy noodles, mixed rice.

As a seasoning to marinate meat, stir-fry dishes, stews.


To try the product, I will use fried chicken to eat with. Dip a piece of chicken in the sauce and put it in your mouth, the first feeling is a mild spicy, fragrant chili. At first, when I eat it, it won’t be very spicy, but after a while, it will be more spicy. Compared to spicy noodles, I rate this sauce level 3.

If you want to try this sauce sparingly, you can buy a sachet of Samyang spicy noodles, then get a packet of sauce and use it, the price of a pack of Samyang noodles costs approx. 25,000 VND. This is just a case where you want to try it out, if you want to use it a lot, this is not a good option. You can buy a bottle of Samyang spicy sauce for only about VND 80,000 never mind. This bottle can be used many times.

If you can’t eat spicy food, you can mix Samyang sauce with another sauce to dissolve the spicy taste.


After trying Samyang spicy sauce, I feel this sauce quite delicious, well worth the money I spent. I will give this sauce 8 points. Maybe from now on, I will replace the chili sauces I am using with this spicy sauce.

In addition to Samyang spicy sauce, there are some “divine” sauces that can be dipped in many different dishes, such as: Kewpie roasted sesame sauce, mayonnaise, ..

So I have finished reviewing Samyang spicy sauce, the product can be used with many different uses. You can buy and try the product to have the same experience as YouTubers.