Razor is an indispensable product of bearders, follow this article to know the current hot razors to choose the right one for you.

Today I will review for you some types of razors that are being sold at Bach Khoa XANH, with Prices range from only about 10,000 VND to about 300,000 VND because many of you also wonder why some razors are so questionable. Then in this article, I will analyze for you why these razors are expensive and who will be more suitable for which type of knife.

See detailed review of these shavers in the clip here.

firstGillette Super Thin Single Blade Razor

This can be said to be a legend among razors and now, I see many older people still using this type.

review types of shavers

Gillette Super Thin is a basic razor line with a plastic handle design, the razor blade is removable for cleaning and Easy replacement when the blade is wornHowever, this is also a minus point because the blade to change is quite sharp, so if you are not careful, you can cut your hand.

Because it is a basic line, the head of the knife cannot rotate, making it difficult to shave in slightly curved positions such as the jaw or neck. In addition, the This razor also does not have a lubricating range, so when shaving is not smooth and feels a bit burning However, you can use more shaving cream for an easier shave.

review types of shavers

Scoring: 5/10, Because of its simple use, the blade can be changed conveniently and cheaply.

I think this knife is for those who have little beard and don’t need to shave much.

2Super Thin II Dual Blade Razor

Super Thin II is an upgraded version of the Gillette Super Thin razor above. The first improvement I can see is longer handlealthough the material is also plastic, it’s okay adding many small grooves on the handle to make it easy to hold, not slippery.

review types of shavers

Next is the double blade part. Can you imagine that Having more blades results in a cleaner and closer shave is because the first blade will shave through once, then my beard will be cut by the second blade again, so it will be closer, 3 blades, 4 blades, 5 blades the same mechanism.

In addition, this razor is also don’t turn your head as There is no lubricating sequence.

In fact, when properly used, the razor is closer, but the shaving operation is quite difficult, it keeps stalling and is quite painful because it is not lubricated, if you want to use this type of razor effectively, you need to use more. shaving foam.

In terms of longevity, I think this razor will used for about 2-3 weeksdepending on your shaving frequency, for those with little beard, it can be used for a whole month.

review types of shavers

Scoring: 6/10the design is better than the old line, shaving is also cleaner but still not really good.

I think this type will be suitable for those of you who have more beard but also do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a razor or buy it to travel, this type is also very suitable.

3Gillette Blue II Plus Dual Blade Rotating Head Shaver

Gillette Blue II Plus can be considered as an upgraded version of the Super Thin II line above, adding the shortcomings that the old line did not have: The aloe band helps to lubricate, make shaving smooth and scratch resistant, skin irritation. Really this is a plus for this line!

review types of shavers

In addition, this type of razor is not too different from the old line, the design is quite similar, only changing in color, the rest is quite similar.

Scoring: 6.5/10 because of the design with an extra lubricating range to make shaving easier.

review types of shavers

I think this is the same as the Super Thin II above, but it lasts longer so it can be used for a long time.

4Gillette Mach 3 blade razor

Coming to this razor, there is really too much to say because Gillette Mach 3 has a lot of improvements compared to the old lines:

The handle has a stainless steel design so it’s very durable & feels very solid and on the handle there are also designs with veins and grooves to prevent slipping.

review types of shavers

– Part 3-blade blade Helps increase shaving efficiency, shave cleaner and closer.

Dual lubrication range top and bottom, making shaving easy and avoiding skin irritation and scratches during the shaving process.

– Part movable razor headadjusts itself to the angles of the face for a cleaner shave.

review types of shavers

Blades are easily replaceable.

I find one very cool thing about razors with a removable handle and blade that the handle will usually be manufactured in two different places, and then will be shipped to another place for assembly. With the Gillette Mach 3 product I’m holding Roller made in China, blade manufactured in Vietnam and assembled in Malaysia.

I think this product will be suitable for those of you who have a lot of beard & hard because 3 blades will help to shave cleaner.

review types of shavers

Scoring: 8/10 because of too many improvements, but the price is also quite high, more than 100k for 1 razor and 1 replacement blade with 2 blades costs nearly 160,000 VND.

I think this type is too good for a razor, 3 blades I think are too clean, suitable for those of you who have a decent beard & want to find a knife that can shave clean and still Smooth, long-lasting use.

5Schick Quattro Titanium 4-blade razor 4

Schick is a brand from Canada and perhaps still a bit strange to users in Vietnam. The Schick Quattro Titanium 4 razor I think has a plus point in the 4-blade blade, in general, more blades will shave cleaner. The handle is designed with PP + TPE . plastic And there are anti-slip textures, especially I like the handle of this type more than the ones on it because it has a slightly curved design so it is more comfortable to hold. Also about other features such as: Lubricating range, swivel head, replaceable blade are all available in this product.

review types of shavers

In addition, in the box, there is also a free base to place the razor, helping to protect the blade.

And this product has a handle made in China but the blade part is made in Germany, packed in China.

review types of shavers

Scoring: 9.5/10 Because of the number of blades and the design of the handle is more rounded and smooth, but this product is also quite expensive, about 100k / tree.

I think this is the same as the 3-blade Gillette, but this 4-blade will shave more cleanly, of course, suitable for those who have a lot of beard & buy it for long-term use.

6Gillette Fusion 5″ razor

The final product is Gillette Fusion 5, this is the most advanced product of Gillette that Bach Hoa Xanh is currently trading. Hearing the word high-end is knowing how good this product is.

– The first is about the design, the product has an extremely eye-catching design with The handle is made of steel and has an extra layer of rubber padding to prevent slipping.

review types of shavers

Number of blades is 5 blades Provides an extremely clean and close shave.

review types of shavers

Lubricating range for smooth shaving, Smooth and anti-irritant to the skin.

– The point that makes the difference of the razor for the previous lines is the rotating head, if the previous lines can only be flipped up and down, this line has a round ball design, helping The blade can be rotated in all directions for convenient shaving in any position. I feel that when using this, without using shaving foam, I can still shave easily, without any difficulty.

review types of shavers

– This product also comes with a base to place the razor on, helping to protect the blade.

However, the price of this product is quite high: nearly 250k/tree2 blades cost 300k but the quality is too good so I think it’s worth it, if you want to invest in a razor for long-term use, this is a product that you can consider .

review types of shavers

Scoring: 9/10 Because of the number of blades, the eye-catching design & the rotating head can reach many positions, the shave is extremely quiet & clean even without shaving cream.

I think this is a product that everyone with a lot of beards, hard and thick beards must have because it’s so great, 5 blades help you to clean your beard in just 1 swipe, too great, saving money. a lot of time.

I have finished reviewing all types of razors available at Bach Hoa XANH. Hope this article helps you choose the right razor for you.

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