The prolonged rainy season increases the humidity in the air, which is the cause of your room having a musty, unpleasant smell. This article will suggest you simple ways to get rid of musty odors effectively.

Recently, Saigon has had prolonged rains that make the furniture in the house start to become moldy, creating an unpleasant odor. So, today I will share with you how to get rid of this obnoxious smell in just a few simple steps. Here are ways to get rid of musty smells in the bedroom

firstEliminate musty smell with coffee beans

All you need is a jar of coffee beans then place the candle inside. The aroma of coffee will dissolve the musty smell in your room, bringing a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Eliminate musty smell with coffee beans

2Remove musty smell with pineapple

Cut off the ends of the pineapple, remove the inner core of the pineapple, then place a candle inside. The fragrance emanating from the pineapple will eliminate all the musty odors in your room. This is a very commonly used way to deodorize the toilet.

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3Use essential oils

Burning a few drops of diluted essential oil is also a way to make the room more fragrant and pleasant, but this is quite expensive because you have to buy the burner and essential oils.

4Deodorize with soap bars

Using soap bars is also a good way to deodorize mold and can be applied in rooms with small spaces. You just need to put a bar of soap in the corner of the room, the soap will absorb the musty smell in your room.

5Use vinegar

Dilute the vinegar and spray it directly on the areas that have a musty smell or you can use a small towel soaked in vinegar in a corner of the room, the vinegar will remove the unpleasant smell.

6Deodorize with scented bags

Putting a scented bag in the room is also a way to help your bedroom become smelling fresh, avoiding the musty smell.

Besides buying scented bags, you can also make your own scented bags with the scent you like to deodorize which is also very effective.

Hopefully with the above suggestions, you can choose for yourself a way to apply immediately to your bedroom to have a clean, fragrant living space. Good luck!

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