To “cope” with the approaching summer, let’s try Greek Yogurt with your friends right away, you will be surprised by the great taste of this ice cream.

Let’s find out this ice cream with Bach Hoa Xanh right away in the article below, maybe in the future this will be the flavor of ice cream, your favorite ice cream brand, let’s start now!

first About the Greek Yogurt brand

Lotte brand is currently the main manufacturer and distributor of Greek Yogurt with blueberry flavor Greek Yogurt in Vietnam. Lotte currently has countless retail branches across the country, stretching from North to South.

Lotte has been and is an extremely popular ice cream brand because of its commitment to excellent product quality. Here, products are manufactured on modern technology, meeting all standards related to consumer health.

Ice cream is imported directly in Korea, ensuring the same unique flavor to customers, now you can find ice cream products from Lotte brand everywhere. stores of Bach Khoa GREEN or many other e-commerce platforms.

About the Greek Yogurt brandAbout the Greek Yogurt brand

2 What is special about Greek Yogurt’s ice cream products?

What is special about Greek Yogurt's ice cream products?What is special about Greek Yogurt’s ice cream products?

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream wearing a combination of blue and white design, creating a sense of lightness, extremely cool, smashing the heat of the approaching summer days.

Products are made from high quality, natural ingredientsdo not use harmful chemicals such as: Greek Yogurt with blueberry flavor, a combination that will surely bring an unforgettable experience to anyone who uses it.

Besides, from ice cream texture, flavor to packaging are all made on modern Korean technology, Products ensure international safety standards for users’ health.

3 Instructions for use and notes when using

User manual

  • Use immediately after opening the package.
  • Don’t eat ice cream too much or when you’re hungry

– Cool sweet and sour with Greek Yogurt blueberry yogurt ice cream
– Store the product at -18 to -25 degrees Celsius
– Pay attention to the production date and expiry date when choosing products.
– Select products from reputable and reputable places to ensure quality.

Instructions for use and notes when usingInstructions for use and notes when using

Bach Khoa GREEN would like to send you a detailed description of Greek Yogurt blueberry yogurt ice cream. Hope this is a useful source of information for you in using and choosing products. Do not forget to follow and update more useful information about life here!

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