Fried dishes, cakes made from fried dough are very popular in Vietnamese cuisine. However, users are still hesitant to choose to use pre-processed flour or make their own. Check out the reasons why you should choose ready-made flour below!

The ready-made flours mentioned here are baking powders, fried flours that are used quite commonly in family culinary activities. It is undeniably very convenient, but many people are still hesitant to use this type or make their own. See if you are convinced by the reasons below.

firstReady-made flour is extremely convenient

This is indisputable, just buy it, use it right away, or mix it with water or add a few other spices according to the recipe on the package to be able to use it without having to prepare a lot of ingredients. taste to create a familiar fried dough or cake recipe.

Whether it’s fried flour or baking powder, each type needs to be combined with a few spices or a combination of 2 or more types of flour to create a delicious fried dish, standard delicious cake.

When using ready-made flour, you just need to use it right away without thinking about the above problem. Especially in situations where immediate use is needed, there is nothing more convenient than ready-made products.

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Ready-made flour is extremely convenientReady-made flour is extremely convenient

2Standard recipe

The ingredients needed to create a dough recipe for a fried dish or a specific cake have been accurately calculated by the manufacturer, according to the recipes of culinary experts, just need to be prepared according to the instructions of the user. used will have the standard flour ingredients for cooking.

If we prepare it ourselves, it is unlikely that we will use the right and enough flavors, flavors and ingredients for the recipe of the dough used to make the dish we are preparing.

3Guaranteed quality

Processed flour products are carefully packaged to avoid gas and moisture contamination, and maintain good flour quality for a long time of storage.

The ingredients are also screened and tested for food hygiene and safety by the authorities before being put into mass production and business, to ensure that they do not contain harmful ingredients banned from being used in food. .

4Expiration factor

When you choose to make your own flour recipe, you will choose to buy ready-to-use individual flours such as rice flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, etc., and the necessary spices.

At that time, in addition to needing to control the origin of many products that you choose to use, you also need to check the expiry date of more than 1 product, not to mention many places selling powders by kilogram without labels. envelope.

The ready-made powders have all the necessary information about the product, including the expiry date, so users can easily check and choose the right products that meet the requirements.

With only 4 basic reasons, it is much more useful to choose to use ready-made products compared to making your own flours in frying and baking.

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