Avocados contain a lot of fiber, fat, potassium and many essential minerals for children. Therefore, avocado is considered the best food for mothers to choose to make baby food.

Weaning is an exciting development milestone for babies, and it’s time for them to learn to eat a few more foods instead of exclusively breastfeeding as before. There are many types of fruit that are good for babies when weaning, but especially avocados must be mentioned. The following article will help mothers better understand the effects of avocado on weaning children, note when feeding babies with avocado and how to prepare delicious and attractive weaning dishes for babies from this fruit.

firstWhat are the benefits of making butter for baby weaning?

Avocado is a healthy fruit, especially for children at the weaning stage, namely:

Avocados contain many essential vitamins and minerals

Avocado contains many vitamins such as: A, C, E, K and B6, folate, … in addition, this fruit is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and zinc. These are all essential nutrients for the overall development of the baby.

Eating avocado helps children digest easily

Even if your baby is said to have a sensitive digestive tract, avocados can still be eaten because avocados are easy to digest, help control signs of indigestion, and prevent stomach upset and bloating.

In general, avocado is really good for the baby’s immature digestive tract in the first few days of weaning.

In addition, avocado is rich in antioxidants that help normal metabolism.

Eating avocados helps to heal wounds and limit inflammation

Eating avocado is also a way to help your baby’s wounds heal faster, especially to avoid the risk of skin infections because the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and vulnerable, even small scratches can easily lead to severe inflammation., but if you eat avocado, it will help your baby limit this situation.

Eating avocado helps protect the liver

Avocado is a very good fruit for the health of the liver, feeding your baby regularly, avocado will help prevent liver damage and keep it in top condition, and help protect your baby from diseases like jaundice. and hepatitis.

Eating avocado is good for your baby’s brain and eyesight development

Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats. During the weaning period, feeding your baby avocado will be very good for the development of the baby’s brain and eyesight.

2How to choose delicious, safe avocado for babies

In order to prepare delicious dishes from avocado, the first thing that is of interest to mothers should choose delicious avocados, not bitter, naturally ripe and not impregnated with chemicals. Tips to choose a good avocado, mothers can observe iron with their eyes through the following characteristics:

  • Should choose avocados with a slightly green skin, stretchy, but if the skin is a bit rough, it is still a good avocado.
  • Do not choose berries that have turned brown, soft and bruised.
  • Observe the new avocado shell roll, slightly soft, chin up feels firm.
  • You can shake the avocado gently, if the avocado is ripe, shake it gently and see the sound of shaking, the avocado is delicious. But if the seeds are shaken too loud, the avocado flesh will be thin. Avocados are round with large seeds, but less fiber. Avocados are elongated, with small seeds and thick but fibrous flesh.

How to choose delicious, safe avocado for babiesHow to choose delicious, safe avocado for babies

3Weaning dishes made from avocado for babies

How to make pureed avocado smoothie mixed with milk for weaning babies

Mothers should cut the avocado in half lengthwise, use a spoon to scrape the flesh of the avocado, be careful not to scrape too close to the skin because it can make the avocado bitter. Put in a blender, puree and mix well with fresh milk.

If the baby is under 3 years old, you should mix it a little bit, the baby over 3 years old can be thicker and the baby over 10 years old, you should give the baby butter mixed with milk.

Pureed avocado mixed with milk

How to make avocado and banana smoothie for babies

Bananas and avocados are both fruits that contain a lot of omega 3 and potassium, these two nutrients are essential for babies during the development stage. Babies over 7 months old mother can give this dish to babies.

  Mom prepares a soft ripe banana and avocado.  Cut slices and crush them for baby to eat

The method is very simple, prepare a banana and a soft ripe avocado. Cut slices and crush them for baby to eat. If your baby is just learning to eat, you can use a blender to make it puree.

How to make avocado smoothie for babies and apples

With the sweet and aromatic taste of apples, if the mother combines with avocado, it will be a favorite food for children. Cut the mother apple into small pieces, put in a pot and add a little water, bring to a boil until the apples are soft.

Put the apples and avocados in the blender to puree them for baby to eat at meals during the day. Babies over 6 months old can eat this dish.

Cut the mother apple into small pieces, put in a pot and add a little water, bring to a boil until the apples are soft.  Put apples and avocados in a blender and puree them for baby to eat

How to make avocado smoothie for babies with pumpkin

Mother pumpkin should be steamed, then crushed with avocado, stirring at a moderate consistency. Should alternate between meals during the day and morning and afternoon for the baby to change the taste.

Pumpkin should be steamed, then crushed with avocado, stirring at a moderate consistency

Avocado is a nutritious fruit that is grown abundantly and will ripen seasonally. So, let’s refresh the menu for the children with delicious and nutritious avocados for children to eat less bored. Good luck moms!

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