Formula feeding is something that all moms will face. Around the problems from this milk, mothers are very confused and have many unanswered questions?

Is it better to give the baby milk from a bottle or a spoon?

Depending on the age of the baby, the mother should choose how to give the child a reasonable amount of milk. But bottle-feeding is still the way mothers often choose and is the easiest and also saves the mother the most time.

Do not force your baby to drink milk when he is full

How to properly bottle-feed your baby:

– Mothers should breastfeed when hungry, should not try to force the baby to drink when full, because drinking when full, the baby will easily leak milk out.

– Put a few drops of milk on the wrist to check the temperature, then put a drop of milk in the baby’s mouth to let the baby get used to the sweet taste, if the baby swallows it all, put the nipple in the baby’s mouth.

– Put the milk bottle in an inclined direction downhill, Do not slope too steeply, it will cause the baby to suffocate due to milk, Stop breastfeeding when the baby is full.

Bottle-feeding is still the preferred choice of mothers

Should infant formula and breast milk be mixed?

The answer is no. Because breast milk and formula are often stored and prepared at different temperatures, mixing them together makes Losing a lot of nutrients inherent in it.

Besides, if you mix two types of milk at the same time, the baby will not drink it all, accidentally we “waste” away. Ideally, you should keep them separate, you can give your baby breast milk first, if hungry, give your baby more formula.

Do not mix infant formula and breast milk

Does powdered milk have any effect?

What are the normal symptoms of babies when using formula milk?

Because the baby’s digestive system will digest the formula more slowly than the mother, so when the baby drinks formula, it will take longer to be hungry than breast milk.

Because the baby’s bowel movements will be markedly different when using these two types of milk, when the baby goes to the toilet, the mother will see that the baby’s stools are darker and more fishy.

Abnormal symptoms when babies use formula

Because some babies when using infant formula will have a “protein” reaction in milk, this phenomenon will cause the baby to “fart” more than usual, leading to signs such as wheezing, cold, etc. Fever and phlegm appear abundantly in the throat and nose. Baby losing weight quickly due to vomiting will cause the baby to become dehydrated and lose weight.

If my baby has such a milk allergy, should I take him to the hospital?

If the vomiting persists 2-3 times after the baby drinks milk, it is best to take the baby to the hospital and bring the baby formula that the baby is using to the doctor to check. If the baby is not taken away in time, it will be very dangerous for the baby’s health, and the baby will be exhausted in the long run.

If vomiting persists 2-3 times after the baby drinks milk, it is best to take the baby to the hospital.

The above are answers to partially answer questions about parents about using formula milk for their children. Good luck to all the moms, and have a healthy baby.

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