Vietnam’s dairy market is always vibrant and receives the attention of many customers. So do you know the most famous milk brands in Vietnam? Let’s take a look at the famous milk brands in Vietnam to have the best choice for your family.

Milk is an indispensable nutritional product for every family, not only for children and adults who also need to drink milk, because according to nutrition experts, Milk is the best source of health supplements. So what are you waiting for, let’s not immediately see the list of the top famous milk brands in Vietnam today shared below.

firstHealth benefits of raw milk

Health benefits of raw milkFresh milk is a source of nutrition for all ages

Fresh milk is an extremely familiar food for most of us. With high nutritional composition, rich in protein, calcium and many other nutrients, delicious taste, fresh milk has been and is A source of nutrition for people of all ages. Here are the benefits that fresh milk brings us:

Supports bone development, helps keep bones strong

Supports bone development, helps keep bones strongSupports bone development, helps keep bones strong

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients that we need to supplement every day. Whether you are the elderly or children, you need to get enough and regular calcium to develop and maintain healthy bones. 3 cups of fresh milk every day Not only helps you provide the necessary amount of calcium, but also vitamin D3 supports the absorption and metabolism of calcium in the body.

Gives energy to the body

Gives energy to the bodyGives energy to the body

Every day, the body needs an adequate supply of energy to grow and maintain health. Fresh milk is an extremely convenient and effective source of energy. Drinking fresh milk regularly just helps you Provides energy while providing protein, fat and many other nutrients. Currently, on the market, there are many brands of milk with a variety of flavors to help you easily choose your favorite type of fresh milk.

Support immune health and increase resistance

Support immune health and increase resistanceSupport immune health and increase resistance

Referring to fresh milk, people often think of protein and calcium, but the nutritional value of fresh milk does not stop there. Fresh milk is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B. In addition, this is also an efficient source of supply micronutrients such as magnesium, phosphorusThe source of nutrients that fresh milk brings will help you strengthen your resistance, develop a healthy immune system.

Keeps skin beautiful and healthy

Keeps skin beautiful and healthyKeeps skin beautiful and healthy

As mentioned above, fresh milk is rich in vitamins, in addition to many other good nutrients for the skin. Therefore, from ancient times, in many different civilizations, there were many effective beauty tips with fresh milk. To keep your skin healthy and beautiful, you can refer to the method Mask with fresh milk twice a week and drink fresh milk every day. As an easy-to-find and affordable ingredient, as long as you persevere in using it, fresh milk will give your skin a surprisingly good effect.

2The best fresh milk brands today

Brand Vinamilk

The best fresh milk brands todayBrand Vinamilk

Vinamilk Vietnam’s leading dairy brand with more than 40 establishment and development. This brand is not only known by Vietnamese people, but many countries around the world also believe in using Vinamilk milk brand with more than 200 different products such as: 100% fresh milk, yogurt, Ong Tho condensed milk, etc. all ages.

Vinamilk fresh milk with raw materials meet international standardsAll cow breeds are imported from Australia, USA, New Zealand…. modern production technology lines, ensuring to bring to consumers safe and quality products. Milk is very Suitable for children from 12 months old.

The reference price on the market today is about 31,500 VND / 1 liter.

Brand Nutifood

The best fresh milk brands todayBrand Nutifood

Nutifood brand is in the top 5 of Vietnamese brands with high quality equivalent to imported goods. Milk is okay Production on modern lines according to technology Germany and Sweden… ensure food hygiene and safety.

This milk brand provides many good nutrients for the body such as: zinc, vitamins D3, A, enhances eyesight, and helps to strengthen bones and increase immunity. Nutifood holds the highest market share in whole milk powder in products such as NutiFood pasteurized milk, Nuti yogurt, Nuti sweetened condensed milk, Nuti soy milk….

The reference price of Nutifood brand fresh milk on the market is about VND 30,500/liter.

TH True Milk brand

The best fresh milk brands todayTH True Milk brand

TH True Milk has the most modern clean milk processing factory in the world, application of the most modern sterilization technology ESL international standard certification into the production process. In addition, the standards of livestock barns are also applied the most advanced in the world.

TH milk brand is very safe, nutritional content is always guaranteed with famous fresh milk products such as pasteurized and pasteurized milk, formula fresh milk….

TH milk brand sells for about 32,400 VND/liter of fresh milk.

Nestle brand

The best fresh milk brands todayNestle brand

One of the major dairy brands in Vietnam that cannot fail to be mentioned is the Nestle milk brand – a The world’s largest food company headquartered in Switzerland but has been present in Vietnam since 1912. Nestle brand milk products are very diverse such as: Milo (powdered milk, liquid milk), Nan milk powder, Nestle bear milk, Nestle MOM&ME milk for pregnant women, milk Lactogen…

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Brand Love’in Farm (LIF)

The best fresh milk brands todayBrand Love’in Farm (LIF)

Love’in Farm (LIF) is a dairy brand preferred by many Vietnamese customers. With modern production lines, advanced technology, Using clean raw materials, ensuring food hygiene and safety, rich in nutrients. The famous milk of this brand is Kun milk, LIF Kun yogurt,…

Reference milk price is about 38,700 VND/liter.

Dutch Lady brand

The best fresh milk brands todayDutch Lady brand

If you’ve ever used Dutch Lady milk products, it’s probably no stranger to Dutch Lady milk brand. Dutch Lady provides the dairy market with many different product lines, especially Dutch Lady fresh milk 100% pure or the high and healthy Dutch Lady milk line is the product line that is chosen by a large number of customers.

Dutch Lady fresh milk on the market is priced at about 51,300 VND / liter.

Whole cream brand Meadow Fresh

The best fresh milk brands todayWhole cream brand Meadow Fresh

Meadow Fresh is the product line Imported directly from New Zealandis pure fresh milk, providing protein for muscle development, supplementing nutrients for brain development, calcium for building strong bones and teeth, rich fresh milk flavor.

The reference price of fresh milk on the market is about 48,200 VND/liter.

Dalat milk brand

The best fresh milk brands todayDalat milk brand

Dalat milk is a brand pasteurized pure fresh milk should have the outstanding advantage of keeping most of the minerals and vitamins found in milk, delicious and special taste.

Dalat milk is priced at about 44,000 VND/950ml.

Above are the famous fresh milk brands in Vietnam, you can choose the right product line for your family to add nutrients every day!