Pumpkin is a delicious and nutritious food to prepare many delicious dishes, today I would like to share with you how to make a sweet and delicious meat-stuffed green pumpkin soup for the whole family.

Green-skinned pumpkin is a fruit that ranks first in terms of nutritional content as well as vitamins, mineral salts and iron, is a food that is classified as nutritious for the brain and is a preferred ingredient for housewives. choice for the family’s daily meal. Today I will introduce to the whole family a pumpkin soup with the light fat taste of the squash, the sweetness of the meat that will surely warm the hearts of family members during the family’s dinner time.


How to cook pumpkin soup with green skin stuffed with meat

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

When choosing to buy pumpkin with green skin, we should choose round, old, hard green skin.

The green-skinned pumpkin bought at the market was washed, then cut the hat as shown, cut out the intestines and seeds inside and then washed and dried (still keeping the stem, everyone).

Process materialsProcess materials

Buy lean meat, you wash it with salt water, then mince it, marinate it with a little seasoning, pepper, chopped dried onions, mix well for the meat to absorb the spices.

Step 2: Stuff the meat into the squash

Pumpkin soup with green skin stuffed with meat, delicious and easy to make

Next, I will take each pumpkin and stuff the marinated meat inside the pumpkin, note that I Just stuff it in your mouth everybody. Then I will take the pumpkin hat upside down like the original, Use 2 toothpicks to fix the pumpkin’s hat and the pumpkin’s body for sure.

Step 3: Cook soup

Put about 1 liter of water just enough in the pot and put on the stove and wait for the water to boil, continue to put 3 squashes in the pot, season with 2 teaspoons of seasoning seeds and close the lid. Stew for about 20-30 minutes until the squash is soft Then season with a little salt to taste, turn off the heat, add finely chopped scallions, sprinkle with pepper and scoop out into a bowl.

Finished product

Pumpkin soup with green skin stuffed with meat, delicious and easy to make

That’s it, the delicious and nutritious meat-stuffed green pumpkin soup is ready for the whole family. With simple ingredients that are easy to find and quick to prepare, everyone should save it immediately in a housewife’s notebook to change the daily menu for your family. Hope everyone enjoys this dish.

Thank you Thu Thuy for sharing how to make this super delicious soup, Bach Hoa XANH will send you the following gift.