Rain makes the rearview mirror of motorbikes and cars blurred due to rain, making your vision limited. With toothpaste you can easily overcome this situation when going in the rain.

Every time it rains, the rearview mirror of the motorcycle is blurred due to the rain, which makes it difficult to see in the rear, making it very difficult for me to see every time I turn to the side of the road. However, I have discovered a very effective way to reduce the situation of rain water on the glass that is using toothpaste. This method is also very effective and is applied by many people on glasses already.

Stagnant water does not flow downStagnant water does not flow down

How to prevent fogging of car and motorbike glass with toothpaste

How to do it is very easy, you just need to apply a small amount of toothpaste with the tip of your finger to the glass, then use a paper towel to clean the glass with toothpaste.

That way the rain water will not move on the glass but will flow down, helping you no longer have limited visibility when it rains.

Water flows down and does not stay on the glassWater flows down and does not stay on the glass

A small trick with toothpaste available in the house is that you have solved the discomfort every time rain water collects on the rearview mirror, right?

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