Summer heat, high humidity is an ideal time for bacteria to multiply. Therefore, children are at risk of food poisoning if mothers do not choose to buy fresh food and properly process and preserve it. Join Bach Hoa XANH to refer to the following article.

Causes of food poisoning

Not only children but even adults can get food poisoning if they eat foods that are processed or stored improperly:

– Improperly preserved food, oh shit.

– Food alive.

– Eat and drink at places not hygienic food safety.

Contact with pets before eating, especially with pet feces.

– Eat fruits and vegetables with pesticides, which have not been washed.

– Drink contaminated water.

Children eat unhygienic food causing poisoning

Symptoms to watch out for when children have food poisoning

When young children have the following symptoms, mothers should take them to the nearest doctor or medical center, to avoid bacteria from entering the body, causing harm to health.

Stomach-achethe condition will get worse when the child writhes, shows signs of vomiting.

– At first, the child has a low fever, then it changes to high fever.

– In some cases, children may also have diarrhea.

Symptoms of poisoning in children

How to prevent food poisoning for children

When buying should give priority choose fresh food. For animals, it is advisable to choose live, moving animals. If they have been slaughtered, they should be purchased from reputable places.

Processing areas and tools should be cleaned before and after use, and should be cleaned and dried after use.

If using dishes cassava then when processing need peeled, soaked in water Cold for many hours before boiling, when boiling, open the lid to evaporate cyanide, which can cause poisoning when eaten.

If using potatoes when eating, do not use the ones that have been left for too long, have green skin or are already grow.

Processed food must be cooked thoroughly, should not be left uncooked, there is a risk of harmful bacteria remaining.

Use fresh, delicious, hygienic food to avoid food poisoning

Types of food should not be left too 4 hours, need to be protected from mice, ants, cockroaches….

Mothers need to wash their hands when preparing and teach their children to hand hygiene clean before eating.

Unprocessed meat or fish foods should be covered sealed Otherwise, keep it in the freezer.

Vegetables should soak in salt water to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria, then rinse under running water.

In particular, you should not use food that is past its expiry date, stale, or moldy.

For children to wash their hands and feet, do not use expired food

In order for children to ensure the best health in the hot season, mothers should pay close attention when choosing to buy, preserve, prepare food and even clean it.

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