Without having to think about more headaches, immediately apply the suggested menu in this article for your family’s weekend meal! Very simple and easy to make yet delicious.

Supplement nutrition for the whole family after a week of work with delicious dishes in this suggested menu. Rich braised carp, fried chicken with spicy and fatty cabbage combined with nutritious oyster soup. Dessert is a delicious yogurt drink that is also good for digestion. Let’s do it together now.

firstBraised carp

Braised carp is a rustic dish, simple and easy to cook. The braised carp is fully absorbed with the rich spices, attractive aroma that makes the whole family love it. This dish goes very well with white rice.

See how to make this dish in the article Braised carp is delicious, delicious and extremely delicious.

Braised carpBraised carp

2Korean style fried chicken with cabbage and cheese

The braised chicken is soft cooked with rich flavor, the cheese coating on the surface creates an attractive aroma and attractive greasy taste, combined with rice cakes and cabbage makes the dish much more interesting. This Korean-flavored dish will make your meal more new and delicious.

Although it looks very complicated, this dish is surprisingly easy to cook, see how to do it in the article How to make Korean-style fried chicken with cabbage and cheese.

Korean style fried chicken with cabbage and cheeseKorean style fried chicken with cabbage and cheese

3Oyster sour soup

Oysters are a very healthy food with abundant nutrients, this dish will help the whole family recharge after a tiring working week. Oyster sour soup has the rich taste of traditional sour soup, mixed with the sweet and fatty flavor of oysters, it will make the tray of rice even more attractive.

See how to make this dish in detail in the article Oyster sour soup is both delicious and nutritious.

Oyster sour soupOyster sour soup

4Drink yogurt

Take care of your family’s health with delicious homemade yogurt. Drinking yogurt is a drink that is not only delicious but also very good for the digestive system of adults and children. With simple ingredients that are easy to buy, you can easily make a batch of yogurt for the whole family and just as delicious as the store.

With the instructions in the article Light skin, shape please with the recipe for making yogurt drink from fresh milk very easily at home, you will easily make this dish successfully.

Drink yogurtDrink yogurt

Above is the suggested menu for the weekend lunch tray. Just enough nutrition and variety of flavors, at this rate, family members will not want to eat out at restaurants anymore but love home rice.