Pregnant women are very sensitive to the smell of oil and are prone to motion sickness. Do not worry because these ways will help you fight motion sickness most effectively.

Near the holidays and New Year, everyone, including pregnant women, has the need to go back to their hometown by bus. But my car sickness is the obstacle that makes me not dare to go home by car.

According to specialists, motion sickness will lead to vomiting, loss of water and electrolytes in the body. Besides, when vomiting causes contraction of intestinal smooth muscle, abdominal wall muscle and increases intra-abdominal pressure, it can easily lead to miscarriage or miscarriage in cases of pregnancy with previous gestational sac dissection.

Therefore, pregnant mothers who are prone to motion sickness should not travel by car or train, if you must travel by car, you can apply the following methods to prevent motion sickness.

firstSit in the front row and relax

Experience for people with motion sickness is Sit as far away from the rear of the car as possible because the middle and front of the car will be less prone to shock. On most passenger cars, especially buses, there are always seats for pregnant and elderly people, take advantage of this benefit to have the best position to reduce the impact on your health.

Pregnant women suffer from motion sickness, this is a very effective way to combat motion sickness

In the process of traveling by car, if possible, please Turn off the air conditioner and open the door to breathe in the fresh airthis also helps reduce the feeling of motion sickness very effectively.

On some vehicles The customer cannot open the car door and have to turn on the air conditioner, you should Turn on the outside air intake mode. Besides, you should also be comfortable and relaxed during the trip. You can bring pillows and cushions to support your neck and back on the car to help you stay comfortable during travel.

2Inner light acupressure and fusion cup

This is a fairly effective and quick way when you ride a car but do not prepare other ways to reduce motion sickness. When there is a feeling of motion sickness, press on the internal light and coke acupoints, this action helps to notify the brain and reduce your vomiting symptoms a lot.

Pregnant women suffer from motion sickness, this is a very effective way to combat motion sickness

Pregnant women suffer from motion sickness, this is a very effective way to combat motion sickness

3Prepare oranges, lemons and candies for the ride

Prepare yourself Orange peel, lemon slice to smell when feeling motion sickness. The aromatic oils in oranges and lemons will help mask the unpleasant greasy smell.

Also you can Bring mints, ginger candies or sour candies to suck on each ride has the same effect.

Pregnant women suffer from motion sickness, this is a very effective way to combat motion sickness

4Focus on looking away and wear a mask

When you look into the distance, you are sending signals to the brain that you are moving, thereby helping the body reduce feelings of nausea and discomfort. And when wearing a mask, it will limit the smell of gasoline in the car, remove the uncomfortable feeling of suffocation, which is also very effective when you have car sickness.

5Be careful when using anti-sickness medicine

There are still no exact studies on whether anti-motion sickness drugs will affect the fetus, but manufacturers always recommend not to use during pregnancy and need advice from medical professionals. . Therefore, women are always careful, do not arbitrarily use anti-motion sickness drugs without consulting a doctor.

Going by car to go out or go home is always the need of everyone, including pregnant women. But the nightmare of “sickness” always wears a sister newspaper and makes me worry about my health and my unborn baby. So with ways to prevent motion sickness safely applied for pregnant women will definitely help you limit the feeling of vomiting when traveling by train during these holidays.