Swat bath cleaner helps remove stains with a powerful 3X formula, making it a great choice for saving time in cleaning for your family.

If you are looking for an effective bathroom cleaner, Swat is an ideal choice. With an extremely powerful 3x formula, Swat cleaner is capable of removing all stains, including stubborn stains. Let’s learn more about Bach Hoa XANH through the article below!

first About the brand Swat

About the brand SwatAbout the brand Swat

Swat is a brand of bathroom cleaner in Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing toilet and bathroom cleaning products. This product is designed to easily remove stains, yellow stains, plaque, and remove unpleasant odors in the toilet.

Swat products have a unique 3x energy cleansing formula, ensuring efficient and fast cleaning. This formula can combine powerful detergents to remove dirt and stains without harming the toilet surface.

Swat uses modern techniques in the production process, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the product. Rigorous quality control procedures are in place to ensure that products meet safe and effective hygiene standards.

2 What’s so special about Swat bathroom cleaners?

Concentrated Swat bath detergent

Swat Bath Cleaner is designed to effectively remove stains, yellow stains, plaque, and unpleasant odors. This product helps keep the bathroom clean as new and ensures the safety of your family. Swat bathroom cleaner has a concentrated capacity of 1 liter, ensuring effectiveness in cleaning stains, deodorizing, and killing bacteria.

The use of Swat bathroom cleaner is quickly kill, cleanly and cleanly remove stains such as yellow stains, rust stains, calcification stains, soap stains … can exist in bathrooms such as floors, bathtubs, and sinks. Products ensure hygiene and safety for your family.

The ingredients of Swat bath detergent include water, hydrochloric acid, surfactants, flavorings, and colors.

1 liter concentrated Swat bath detergent is currently being sold at Bach Hoa GREEN for about 32,500 VND

About the brand SwatAbout the brand Swat

Super clean Swat bathroom cleaner

Super clean SWAT bath cleaner is enhanced with a 3x formula to help “quickly, cleanly and cleanly” Stains such as yellow stains, rust stains, calcified stains, soap stains… can exist in bathrooms such as floors, bathtubs, and sinks.

Products have 1 liter bottle capacity is compact and convenient. Round body design and spike-shaped cork help users easily control the solution to crept into the slots and corners that are difficult to remove in the bathroom.

Water, hydrochloric acid, surfactants, flavorings, and colors are also key ingredients in the product.

Swat bath detergent also helps Save time taking care of the house and protect the health of the whole family and minimize the smell of cleaning.

Super clean 1 liter Swat bathroom cleaner is currently being sold at Bach Hoa GREEN for about 29,500 VND

Swat bath detergent concentrated 1 literSwat bath detergent concentrated 1 liter

3 Instructions for use and maintenance

Instructions for use and maintenanceInstructions for use and maintenance

User manual:

  • Spray SWAT cleaner directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Make sure to spray evenly and cover stains, yellow stains, rust stains, lime stains, soap stains…
  • Wait about 1-2 minutes Give the product time contact and react to the stain.
  • Use a brush or a suitable tool to scrub the surface. Scrub gently but vigorously enough to remove stubborn stains.
  • Flush the cleaned surface with water. Make sure to rinse off the cleaner and the stain.

Methods of preservation: Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Note: Avoid contact with children, wear gloves, and protective shoes do not mix with other products/chemicals, Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Rinse immediately if in eyes. do not drink or pour into water.

Above is information about Swat bathroom cleaner to help remove stains easily. Hope the above product helps you save time in cleaning the house. Follow Bach Khoa XANH for more interesting things!

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