Vietnamese Women’s Day is October 20 every year. Today is June 26, 2023, 116 days left until October 20, 2023, the 93rd anniversary of Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20, 1930).

The year 2022 marks the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union, which is also the Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20. This is a special holiday to honor Vietnamese women that must be mentioned on October 20. This is the day to give good things to the woman you love. So, do you know why October 20 is chosen as Vietnamese Women’s Day and not another day and what is the meaning of this holiday?

firstLearn about Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

Origin of Vietnamese Women’s Day

Since 1927, many women’s mass organizations began to form and attract a large number of women to participate. The sisters have gradually affirmed their role and position in society from: propaganda groups, vocational training groups, struggles with thousands of women participating,…

October 20 was chosen as Vietnamese Women's DayOctober 20 was chosen as Vietnamese Women’s Day

The important role of women has been confirmed in The first program of the Party “Equality of men and women” was on February 3, 1930. Because at this time, the Party soon realized that women were an important force of the revolution and set out the task: The Party must liberate women, associated with national liberation and class liberation.

The Party set out: Women must join revolutionary organizations (trade unions, farmers’ associations) and set up separate organizations for women to attract women from all walks of life to participate in the revolution.

On October 20, 1930, the Vietnamese Anti-Imperial Women’s Association (now renamed the Vietnam Women’s Union) and the Communist Party of Vietnam have decided to choose October 20 every year as the traditional day of this organization, and also consider it a day to celebrate and honor Vietnamese women, named “Vietnamese Women’s Day”. Male”. This year, October 20, 2022 will fall on a Thursday

October 20 is not International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day, also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, is celebrated on March 8 every year.

Meaning of Vietnamese Women’s Day

October 20, 2022 Celebrating 92 years of Vietnamese Women’s Day.

October 20th is important historical milestone marking a mass organization of women operating legally and openlyin order to unite and encourage women to make active contributions to the country’s revolutionary cause.

Meaning of Vietnamese Women's DayMeaning of Vietnamese Women’s Day

This day is also the day affirming the equal rights of women, having the right to hold electoral votes and participate in political and social work.

Affirming the role, position and importance of Vietnamese women, whether in wartime or peacetime, they are still patriotic Vietnamese women with wisdom, health, dynamism, creativity, and style. live culturally, have a benevolent heart, and care about the interests of society and the community.

October 20 is an occasion to hold ceremonies and gatherings to honor women in all fields.

In particular, this is also an opportunity for men to express their affection, send love, and meaningful gifts to their women, be it a mother, a wife or a daughter… and it is also their occasion. Realize that you should cherish the women around you because they are always “half of the world”.

2 Activities on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

On these days, activities to celebrate October 20 in Vietnam received a lot of attention, a number of activities related to women took place in honor of womenmany agencies as well as companies have organize awards ceremonies for women who excel or achieve in certain fields.

Besides, the The cultural program to welcome October 20th was also organized a lot and quite elaboratelysome famous singers in the country are invited to participate in performances, songs about women and love such as: “Seduction autumn”, “Let’s go to sleep”, “Hey do you remember”, “Vietnamese Ao Dai”… are often presented these days.

Many agencies, companies and especially supermarkets and commercial centers have launched many promotional campaigns that target women, many items are discounted or have prizes attached.

Activities on Vietnamese Women's Day October 20Activities on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

October 20, 2007 A television channel dedicated to women was born on the HTVC cable television system as “HTVC for Women”, this is the first television channel exclusively for women in Vietnam. There was also a DRAWThe Vietnam Women’s Museum is 1200 m in Hanoi and the Southern Women’s Museum is 2000 m in Ho Chi Minh City.

In these days, 20/10 gift market for women, especially fresh flowers and jewelry, is very vibrant and diversemany people are willing to spend a large amount of money to have special gifts for the people they care about.

3Meaningful October 20 wishes

Question 1: On October 20, I don’t know what to say but send my best wishes to you for being healthy, forever young and not old, always the most beautiful woman in my heart. Although I often contradict my mother, but for me, you are always the most important person.

Sentence 2: Give me a small gift called good morning, wrapped with sincerity, tied with care and glued with my prayers, so that you can have peace and happiness all day. Love you much. Happy 10/20!

Question 3: On the occasion of October 20, I wish you smooth skin, tender lips, white feet even further.

Question 4: Hello, this is a message switchboard: Press 1 for compliments, 2 for good wishes, 3 for a kiss, 4 for an appointment. If you want all dial my number.

Question 5: Wishing you a beautiful day, more boys clinging, like fire clinging to gasoline, like teeth clinging to gums, like heaven clinging to clouds, like trees clinging to the ground, like socks clinging to…

Meaningful October 20 wishesMeaningful October 20 wishes

5Practical gifts on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

Practical gifts on Vietnamese Women's Day October 20Practical gifts on Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

To show affection to important women in life such as mother, wife, lover, sister,… Choosing a gift for Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10 full of meaning, giving birth can’t help but have a headache. You can refer to the following gifts such as Perfume is the favorite product of the sisters, so this gift is extremely practical, shower gel – an indispensable item, in addition to other gifts such as pants, shirts, bags,…

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Hopefully, the little information shared just now will help people understand why there is October 20 and the deep meaning of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20.

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