Oatmeal porridge is a nutritious dish and is highly recommended for children. But to make this cereal-based dish more delicious and nutritious for your baby, please refer to a few more notes when cooking oatmeal for babies below.

Choose Whole Oats

Pure oats are both better in nutrition when used for babies and avoid harmful impurities that are mixed when used for a long time, which will adversely affect health.

Parents should note that choosing to use oats for babies avoid choosing instant oats because it contains many additives and sugars that are not good for the baby’s health, digestion and teeth.

Please choose pure oats to cook porridge for babies

Give it a try

Chances are your baby will be allergic to oats. So when choosing to use oatmeal for your baby, let your baby try it for the first time to monitor his reaction.

If okay, continue to increase the amount according to your baby’s portion at the next meal.

Your baby may be allergic to oats, so give it a try first

Soak oats before cooking

You should soak the oats for about 20 minutes before cooking to help the oats soften, cook evenly and preserve more nutrition when cooking for your baby.

Soaking oats will help porridge cook faster and preserve more nutrition

Cooking with cold water will taste better

Put oats in a pot of cold water and gradually cook it on the stove. When the porridge boils, stir until it becomes soft, smooth and fragrant. If you put the oats in boiling water, the porridge will cook unevenly and reduce the deliciousness.

Use low heat and don’t cook for too long

The time to cook oats is about 10-15 minutes, if you cook for too long, oatmeal will lose nutrients. If cooking with foods that take longer to cook, stew them in water before adding oats.

And note, oat porridge you should cook with low heat, because under a high flame some vitamins and minerals in oats will be lost.

Cook oat porridge with cold water, low heat and do not cook for too long

Combine other ingredients

Depending on the stage of development of the baby, the mother can combine other ingredients into the oatmeal porridge for the baby, helping the baby change the taste and enhance nutrition.

Oatmeal porridge can be cooked with baby milk powder, supplemented with protein (from meat, fish, shrimp, eggs…), vegetables (potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, squash, etc.) red…) and also fruit (banana, apple, pear, strawberry…). It is not difficult for a mother to make 1 cup of nutritious and delicious oat porridge for the baby.

Mothers can combine quite a variety of other ingredients in baby oatmeal porridge

Oatmeal porridge can be used for every main meal of the baby and is best for breakfast. If you have or intend to give your child oat porridge, do not ignore a few useful notes above.