Fetal malnutrition is the slow or poor development of the fetus right from the womb, making the baby sick, retarded in both physical and mental development at birth. It has many causes, including errors due to the mother’s nutrition. Let’s check out the GREEN Bach Hoa…

Fetal malnutrition due to many causes

The fetus is malnourished right from the womb due to many reasons such as:

– The mother became pregnant when she was over 30 years old.

– Poor pre-pregnancy health.

– Pregnancy and stressful work, in a polluted environment.

– And nutritional supplements are not scientific.

Mother supplement iron deficiency

Mother supplement iron deficiency

The mother’s nursing process will not be effective when the mother’s body is not fully supplemented with iron needs, causing babies are born susceptible to infections, low birth weight, low IQ,… are manifestations of fetal malnutrition.

Iron needs of pregnant women:

Before pregnancy, the body needed 15mg of iron per day.

During pregnancy, the amount of iron required by the body will double 30mg/day.

Iron-rich foods for pregnant women: Meats (especially beef), kale, spinach, amaranth, wholegrain breads and cereals.

Mom eats too much

Mom eats too much

The mother eats too much but focuses on poor nutritional foods, and the diet is not varied, causing the fetus to be deficient in many micronutrients, leading to growth retardation.

Not to mention, eating too much makes pregnant women gain too much weight and become obese can cause premature birth, cesarean section, diabetes, and even stillbirth.

Besides, there is also the risk of high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia equally dangerous to the health of pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers often eat at night

Pregnant mothers often eat at night

Night is the time when the digestive system slows down and stops working. The mother’s tolerance of food at this time will not bring about effective nutrient absorption for both mother and baby, on the contrary, it will cause the mother to gain weight and other health consequences…

Advice: Mother should only drink 1 glass of warm milk before going to bed It is good for the health of both mother and unborn baby. Warm milk also helps pregnant women fall asleep easier and sleep better.

Mother added Calcium too early

Mother added calcium too early

Calcium supplements are necessary for pregnancy, but must be at the right time and in the right amount. Calcium supplementation too early is also the cause of fetal malnutrition.

The amount of calcium is not needed, the excess will be deposited in the placenta, reducing the quality of the placenta, reducing the metabolism of nutrients, making the fetus underdeveloped.

Pregnant women who drink too much calcium can also have urinary tract stones and kidney stones.

Mother’s time Need to focus on supplementing with calcium in the last 3 months of pregnancy. This is the period when the baby develops strong bones.

Calcium-rich foods for pregnant women for reference: Milk, yogurt, cheese, soy milk, prunes, dried apricots, broccoli, nuts, tuna, sardines…

Pregnant women only need to consult and adjust their diets and nutritional supplements in a scientific way, which will eliminate part of the cause of fetal malnutrition, giving the mother a healthy pregnancy, without gaining too much weight and still ensure nutrition for children.

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Information reference page: eva.vn