No need to use chemical cleaners to clean the tile floor, only coca and toothpaste can clean the tile floor extremely effectively.

The brick floor in the house or the wall tiles or the brick floor, the wall in the toilet after time, the stains will stick, especially in the toilet, it is easy to accumulate odor-causing bacteria, causing disease, … because It needs to be cleaned regularly.

Using bleach is all chemicals that can affect the skin of your hands when in contact or have an unpleasant smell, here I would like to share how to remove stains on the wall just by combining coca and toothpaste.

According to Dr. Tran Hong Con, Faculty of Chemistry (University of Science – Vietnam National University, Hanoi) said, in Coke contains carbon dioxide, has more air bubbles, is slightly acidic, so it will have a cleaning effect like a lemon.

Still in Toothpaste also has the ability to clean Therefore, combining toothpaste and coca together into a cleaning solution is both safe and economical.

How to clean tile floors with toothpaste and coca

First is mix coke and toothpaste, Put half a coke bottle in a mist sprayer and add some toothpaste and stir to dissolve the toothpaste.

How to clean tile floors with toothpaste and cocaHow to clean tile floors with toothpaste and coca

Afterward Spray on the tile floor or wall to be cleaned, leave for about 1-2 minutes then use a towel. Finally, wipe it off with clean water.

How to clean tile floors with coke and toothpaste

If you don’t have a mist sprayer, you can mix coke and toothpaste and bowl and then dip a towel in this solution and wipe the wall or tile floor.

How to clean tile floors with coke and toothpasteBefore and after cleaning

With only these 2 cheap ingredients, you can make your own cleaning solution for the tile floor or on the soy sauce, both simple and safe for health.

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