Pads and diapers are essential products for babies to help keep their skin dry. So should use newborn pads or diapers, please refer to the following.

Currently on the market there are many types of diapers, diapers or pads for babies. In which diapers and pads are absorbent, helping the baby stay dry. So which type will be a better choice for children? You and Bach Hoa XANH learn through the following article.

firstWhat are newborn diapers?

Absorbent and spill-resistant diapers are good but easy to scratch

Adhesive diapers are shaped like small pants with 2 stickers on the side, helping to fix the diaper, allowing the baby to operate comfortably.

Advantages of newborn diapers

  • Spill resistance

If your baby’s diaper is spilled, the main cause is because the diaper is not absorbent or the diaper’s ability to hug is not good, creating gaps that cause the diaper to overflow.

Adhesive diapers are shaped like a small pair of pants, hugging the baby’s body, making it easy for the baby to move without fear of spillage.

Due to the small pants shape, it is easier to manipulate when wearing than regular diapers or other pads.

  • Super fast absorption

Adhesive diapers have a large absorbent core structure, in addition to the amount of super absorbent pulp and granules many times higher than the pad, making the diapers fast absorbent and the amount of water absorbent is superior. than other diapers.

The ultra-fast absorption of diapers prevents reverse absorption, keeping the baby’s skin dry, avoiding phenomena such as diaper rash, infection.

Disadvantages of newborn diapers

The cost will be higher than pads because of the degree Good absorbency and spill resistance Keep your baby dry and clean even with many activities

However, when used, if not careful, the glue can stick to the baby’s skin cause scratches.

2What are newborn pads?

The pad has good absorbency but low spill resistance, low cost

Pads are similar in shape to women’s nighttime tampons, but they are much thinner, and much larger in width and length.

Advantages of newborn pads

  • Save more for mom

Currently, there are also adhesive diapers on the market, but the price is quite high compared to pads. Use quality pads for the baby and save for the mother.

Babies in the first month of life go to the toilet very often, so the mother always has to change the diaper for the baby constantly. Choosing to use diapers for babies is therefore much more economical than diapers or diapers.

  • The most suitable for the needs of the newborn baby

Newborn babies often sleep a lot, are sedentary, so they don’t need a diaper with high spill resistance, just need to absorb well so that the baby can sleep better and get a fuller sleep.

So the fact that the baby only needs to use the pad is enough, the mother pays extra attention to choose a pad with good absorbency and a soft surface to use well for the baby.

  • Comfortable to use for babies

Some babies, when using diapers, have scratches or redness in the thigh and groin area (right where the diaper is attached). Because a newborn baby’s skin is very immature and easily damaged, if the mother does not choose a diaper with the right size for the baby and does not use it properly and carefully, it will easily cause damage to the baby’s skin due to contact.

So, if you look closely, it’s better for a mother to choose a pad for a newborn baby. The design is simple, and the mother can choose diaper pants or diaper stickers with soft material, the right size for the baby to use with the pad. So whether the baby sleeps or wiggles when he wakes up, the diaper will not move or adversely affect the baby’s skin.

Cons of newborn pads

Although degrees good absorbency but the possibility low spill resistanceshould be used with cross diapers when used, for children to operate more comfortably.

3Should I use newborn pads or diapers?

Newborn pads should be used for babies under 3 months old

As mentioned above, patch diapers have much better absorbency and spill resistance than pads. But the cost is also much higher, so it will cost more when used for babies.

Infants younger than 3 months old skin is still very sensitive to the external environment, on average 1 day babies sleep 80-90% of the time. Adhesive diapers are very easy to scratch, and wearing and changing diapers is also much more complicated.

So mom! should use newborn pads In the period of children younger than 3 months old, after 3 months when children start to be active, many mothers can use adhesive diapers, but still have to be careful when using them.

How to use pads

  • Step 1: Clean and dry the baby’s skin.
  • Step 2: Stick the newborn pad to the diagonal diaper or diaper pants vertically.
  • Step 3: Put on pants or diapers for the baby carefully.

Clean, dry the baby's skin, stick the pad on the diaper and bring it to the baby.

Notes when using diapers and newborn pads

Note when using diapers

  • Clean the baby properly before changing a new diaper, use a clean and soft towel to wipe the buttocks, under the abdomen, the skin folds such as the groin, between the thighs, …
  • Apply scented powder after cleaning to protect baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Note that when wearing diapers for boys and girls, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make both boys and girls comfortable and when going out, waste remains in the diaper without spilling.
  • Change diapers often for babies, new babies after 3-4 hours, older babies change after 4-6 hours. Because waste, if it comes into contact with the baby’s delicate, sensitive skin for a long time, it will easily cause bacteria to multiply and harm the baby.

Note when using pads

Mothers avoid using pads for children 24/24, regularly check to avoid reflux

  • When buying pads, mom should Pay attention to the size and weight indicated on the package to choose the correct weight of the child.
  • Do not use 24 / 24 Before changing the pad, the mother should clean it and let the child rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Due to its low spill resistance, it can only absorb 2-3 times a child’s urine, so mothers should regular check, avoid reflux, affecting the health of children. Mothers can refer to more about Pampers diapers

Adhesive diapers make it much easier for babies to move, but can cause scratches, so mothers should only use them after the baby is 3 months old. Whatever hygiene products you choose for your baby, remember to buy them from quality brands, at reputable stores.

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