Some children imitated these videos and almost lost their lives. Parents need to be careful when letting their children watch YouTube videos.

Google launched Youtube Kids specifically for kids with lots of fun, educational videos that are age-appropriate. Therefore, many parents accept and let their children watch youtube every day.

Although the purpose of Youtube Kids is very good, many crooks have taken advantage of them to deliver malicious information hidden in funny videos that are very familiar to children.

The most recent is A series of content about Peppa pink pig being taken advantage of by bad actors causing many parents to issue warnings on social networks.

Netizens warn of harmful videos for children on YoutubeNetizens warn of harmful videos for children on Youtube

Specifically, Peppa pig is a very cute little pig with many funny situations and useful lessons, so it is trusted by families to choose for their children to watch.

But I don’t know why? Some videos of Peppa pig have been inserted, reprocessed with content instructing suicide, killing people, affecting the baby’s psyche.. There have even been cases where parents discovered their children followed instructions and almost lost their lives.

Netizens warn of harmful videos for children on Youtube

This is a wake-up call for many parents when letting their children watch YouTube on their own. Although Google has launched Youtube kids including videos just for kids. However, for some reason, malicious videos hidden under the label of videos for children still exist.

What parents need to do to protect their children from harmful videos

“Although the YouTube Manager has stepped in, it has not been able to prevent or remove these bad content clips. It is best not to open YouTube at this time or if so, sit with your child and watch it. Let your child watch Netflix shows children will be much safer. Get involved and protect your children.” – Netizens’ share under the current state of rampant bad video.

But that is only a temporary measure, what should parents do to protect their children in the context of dense technological devices around and just one “click” is enough to go to inappropriate content for children. young already.

firstSpend more time playing with your kids

Psychologist Dr. Tran Thanh Nam said: “The reason children are exposed to Youtube so early is because we are too busy, we don’t have time for our children.

By the age of 3-4, children begin to be attracted to external factors such as sounds, noises, colors. And the easiest way to keep your child from clinging to work is to throw him a phone or an iPad.

Once you’re on your phone and iPad, you have to play, have to explore this and that, but there’s an extremely rich, long-term update of content that is Youtube.”

Thus, the reasons such as for children to learn more English, entertainment after school are just secondary. Most parents still do not care and spend time playing with their children.

2Take control of your baby’s entertainment

Media such as television, youtube, other entertainment channels also need to be cared for and managed closely. Every day families need to check in the history of which videos their children have watched, and measures such as blocking channels that are not suitable for age are also very useful options.

In addition, parents should regularly watch with their children on these entertainment media, both to help them avoid harmful information and to spend more time with their children.

3Be ready to exchange and guide children about the information they should see

One of the mistakes that parents often make is not instructing their children what videos to watch and what not to watch. Let’s frankly discuss and guide children which videos are useful and which videos are not appropriate for their age to help them protect themselves.

Youtube is the medium that parents often choose to entertain their children every day. However, letting children watch without controlling their content is a very dangerous job, directly affecting the child’s psychology and daily behavior habits. Families and parents need to pay attention and carefully select the information that children can access on this huge information channel.

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