Ms. Trang shares to Bach Hoa XANH how to cook nutritious pumpkin minced meat porridge for babies to eat weaning, and please refer to her recipe.

Minced Pumpkin Porridge

30 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
2 people

Pumpkin is a nutritious food and very good for the baby’s weaning process. Especially, minced meat porridge, pumpkin helps to provide fat, protein, vitamins that contribute to the physical development, good for bones, eyes, brain, heart, … of children. You want to change your baby’s weaning menu this week. Suggestions for you, try cooking pumpkin porridge, minced meat that is both delicious and easy to eat to help your baby supplement the necessary nutrients for the body.

firstIngredients for minced pumpkin porridge

Ingredients for minced pumpkin porridgeIngredients for minced pumpkin porridge

2How to make minced pumpkin porridge

Step 1 Process materials

Rice Wash it, then put it in a pot and add water to boilwhen the porridge pot is boiling, you need to turn down the heat and cook until the porridge is soft.

Lean Rinse, drain, and mince finely. peeled pumpkin, Wash, cut into small pieces and put in a soft cooking pot. Continue to take the pumpkin out into the sieve, sifting finely.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Cook pumpkin porridge with minced meat

After the porridge has been cooked, then you put the minced meat into the pot, to prevent the meat from clumping, you should mix the meat with a little water and pour it into the porridge pot so that the meat will dissolve evenly. Continue boil for 5 minutes.

Cook pumpkin porridge with minced meatCook pumpkin porridge with minced meat

Step 3 Finished product

Add the sifted pumpkin to stir well, season to taste with the child, and then turn off the stove. Before taking out the cup, remember to add a little cooking oil to ensure nutrition for the baby.

Finished productFinished product


Porridge with minced meat, pumpkin will help provide nutrition for the baby to develop fully both physically and intellectually. When cooked successfully, minced meat and pumpkin porridge will have Beautiful colors, delicious flavors will stimulate baby’s taste buds, However, it is recommended to feed the baby when the porridge is still warm, so the porridge is not delicious and the baby will not eat much.


Recently, Bach Khoa XANH showed you how to cook delicious minced pumpkin porridge for babies who are eating weaning. Hope this dish will help the children to enjoy and love.