Ms. Duong shared with Bach Hoa XANH how to make carrots stuffed with fish, super delicious and easy to make, and please refer to Ms. Duong’s method.

Squid is a delicious fish, the meat has a special plasticity, so it is very popular to use to make fish cakes and is considered a specialty dish, often present in parties and family meals. family everyday. Today, I’m going to share a new dish from strabismus fish, suitable for all family members and delicious and extremely nutritious, it’s carrot stuffed with strabismus.


How to make carrots stuffed with fish

Step 1: Ready-to-use grated waterfall fish will marinate in it 1/2 teaspoon of seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon of fish sauce, 1 little pepper, 1 little cooking oil, chopped scallions. Then I Use a spoon to mix and beat for about 10 minutes to make the fish tough and seasoning. Me Marinate fish for 15 minutes okay people.

Ms. Duong shares how to make super delicious carrot stuffed fish

Step 2: Next is the preparation of carrots. When everyone buys carrots, peel them, wash them, and cut them into chunks of about 2 knuckles. Then drill a hole in the middle to stuff the fish in.

Step 3: I took out the marinated scad fish and stuffed it into the carrots I just prepared.

Ms. Duong shares how to make super delicious carrot stuffed fish

Step 4: Put the pot of water on the stove, use a steamer to steam the carrots stuffed with scat fish on top. Everybody Steam for about 20 minutes the carrots will be cooked and soft, then turn off the heat and remind the carrot plate to come out.

Finished product

Ms. Duong shares how to make super delicious carrot stuffed fish

Carrots stuffed with steamed calamari will be eaten with hot rice and dipped in chili fish sauce. Carrots have a sweet, soft taste, while strabismus fish will have a slight toughness and sweet meat. This is an extremely nutritious and healthy dish because of its frugality and especially without greasy, suitable for both children and adults.

Hopefully with this dish will make the whole family more delicious with a cold dinner of the coming winter day. Wished everyone success.

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