Washing dishes seems like a simple job, but there are still mistakes that adversely affect health. Let’s learn to avoid making mistakes when using dishwashing liquid.

firstPour dishwashing liquid directly onto dishes

Pouring dishwashing liquid directly on dishes is both wasteful and dangerous because of the high probability chemicals remain even after rinsing with clean water. Gradually the amount of chemicals will stick to food and enter the human body, long-term will cause disease.

For proper use, mix a little solution with water in a separate tray, stir well bubble up then use. You can also put enough dishwashing liquid on the soaked washcloth, rub it up and then use it to clean it.

Pour dishwashing liquid directly onto dishes

2After washing, rinse only

Fatal mistake when many people only coated through speakers so that no detergent foam is visible. You should know that visually, we can hardly see the chemicals still clinging to the surface of the dishes if only lightly coated.

Therefore, to clean these substances, you must rinse the dishes thoroughly, from 2 to 3 times in a basin of clean water after washing.

3Soaking dishes and chopsticks in dishwashing liquid for too long

The common people think that long-standing stains on dishes will be easily cleaned if they are soaked for a long time in dishwashing liquid. However, this will make the Chemicals from the cleaning solution are more easily absorbed into the dishes. Especially with materials with like bamboo, wood, Once the chemical has been absorbed, it will indelible, The risk of accumulation of harmful substances that cause disease in the body is much higher.

4For a lot of dishwashing liquid for one use

Sometimes seeing that the dishes are too dirty, many people are afraid of not washing them properly increase the amount of dishwashing liquid much to be mixed with water to a concentrated concentration.

Adding more dishwashing liquid will also increase the cleaning ability. However, will more difficult to wash off all cleaning chemicals.

5Use soap and detergent to wash dishes

Every detergent has different ingredients depends on its use. You are absolute Do not use soap, detergent instead of dishwashing liquid. Because most of the chemical ingredients in soap are More toxic than dishwashing liquidthere are even some chemicals that cause cancer.

6Buy dishwashing liquid of unknown origin

In general, all cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, but compared with floating cleaning products, there are many potential Poisoning hazard to humans than.

Don’t choose floating products because of the cheap price of unknown origin, not quality tested.

7Use bleach to clean chipped tools

Broken porcelain cups, plates, and jars, when using bleach to clean, the ability Chemical residue on the chipped surface is very high. Even rinsing with water is difficult to clean thoroughly. Therefore, absolutely do not use detergent for these tools.

8Do not wear gloves when washing dishes

Even if your dishwashing liquid is advertised as safe for your hands, you still You should wear gloves every time you wash dishes Avoid chemical penetration into the skin. For those who have to do dishwashing jobs outsourced to restaurants, in addition to wearing gloves, they should combine wearing masks to limit the impact of dishwashing liquid on health.

Dishwashing liquid is an essential item in every household. So if you use poor quality products or use them in the wrong way, long-term objects will accumulate which can lead to dangerous diseases. Therefore, everyone, especially housewives, should choose to buy dishwashing liquid of reputable origin, with clear labels to protect the health of your own family!