Many people believe that honey can be kept forever without any problems. Therefore, in the process of using they often do not pay attention to how to use honey and often make some mistakes that make the honey spoil faster.

Honey is a natural food, considered a panacea for health and beauty, not only that honey can be used as a cooking ingredient. Honey contains sugar, organic acids, potassium, protein, enzymes and vitamins… if you want honey to last for a long time, you need to store it properly and avoid making one of the mistakes when using honey. bees below!

firstStore honey in the refrigerator of the refrigerator

Mistakes when using honey make them spoil faster

The refrigerator is a place used to preserve food very popular in the family, but with honey is completely wrong. Because that way will not only Not only does it make honey last longer, but it also causes honey to lose its inherent nutrients.

Putting honey in the refrigerator’s freezer will makes honey quickly crystallize (sugar). Every time you use it again, you have to dissolve the closed sugar, accidentally making the nutrients in the honey will also decrease.

2Choosing the wrong honey jar

Mistakes when using honey make them spoil faster

Many people, while using honey, often have the habit of storing honey in metal or wooden bottles, but this will cause a loss of aroma, especially in honey, there are many organic acids that are corrosive. metal, or oxidize metal and contaminate honey during storage, so it is easy to be poisoned and dangerous. It is best to store honey in a glass bottle with a tight lid.

3Store honey in a place with high temperatures

Mistakes when using honey make them spoil faster

After buying honey, whether unused or used, you should cover it tightly and keep it in a cool place, but if you leave it in a cool place. having high temperatures near a fire, or being exposed to direct sunlight will reduce nutrients present in honey as well as making honey spoil faster.

4The honey extractor is not clean

Honey is very easily contaminated, if you use an unhygienic honey collection tool, it will inadvertently make honey contaminated, attacked by bacteria, and damaged honey. Therefore, it is necessary to use a clean tool to take out the honey or just pour the honey from the bottle to use without using any tools.

Hopefully after this article you will know the mistakes to avoid when using honey so that you can have the best way to preserve and use it to keep the flavor and nutrients inherent in it.

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