Condoms are an effective support tool in the love of couples. However, many people still make mistakes when using condoms.

Condoms are also known as penile condoms, condoms, capotes (French), or condoms (English), using condoms will help couples avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy, the risk of contracting an infection. sexually transmitted diseases. Here are some common mistakes made when using condoms.

firstLoosen the condom before use

Some people often loosen the condom before putting it on the penis, with this practice, it will cause the condom to appear redundant, difficult to wear and easy to slip.

Loosen the condom before useLoosen the condom before use

2Wearing a condom too early or too late

Many couples are often subjective only when preparing to ejaculate to wear a condom, which is very dangerous and prone to unintended pregnancy.

There are also many couples, because they are too careful, they wear a condom right before intercourse, making the condom dry and difficult to insert into the vagina.

Therefore, the best time to wear a condom is when the penis is erect.

3Do not check the expiry date

The habit of many people is that when buying any product, they do not pay attention to the expiration date and also when buying condoms. However, if you accidentally buy an expired condom, the condom will not guarantee the quality and easily tear and puncture. So before you fall in love, don’t forget to check the expiration date of the condom you plan to use!

4Do not pull the condom to cover the entire penis

There have been many cases when sex slipped out of the condom because it was the mistake of wearing a condom that did not cover the entire penis.

5Do not push all the air out of the condom tip

A common mistake couples make when using condoms is not to squeeze the air at the top of the condom when using it, but keep wearing it, leading to gas being trapped at the top of the condom, because Therefore, when having sex, condoms are easily torn, and the seminal vesicle space is not enough.

6Leave no space for semen

The percentage of people who make the mistake of not leaving space for the semen at the head is also considered to be quite high. However, if you make this mistake, the condom may break when you have sex.

7Using the wrong size

Using the correct size condom is extremely important because it can affect the quality of love. However, this is something that few couples pay attention to. If a condom is too large, it will easily slip, and if it is too tight, it will increase the risk of tearing.

8Using the wrong lubricant

To help increase pleasure, many couples use lubricating gel, but if you choose the wrong product, especially the oily gels, it will cause the emulsion concentration to decrease, reducing the strength of the condom. .

9Choose the wrong type of bag

Careful consideration should be given to choosing the right type of condom because the current high-end condom brands have many different types. Many people think that condoms are not the same, but if you choose the wrong type, it will directly affect your “love life”.

tenDon’t care about the left and right side of the bag

When excited, couples often pay less attention to the left and right sides of the condom, leading to uncomfortable sex. So before using, please pay attention to this!