Being a mother is not an easy thing at all, so mistakes are inevitable. Let’s find out the common mistakes made when moms give their babies a bath for the first time!

Children always need proper care from eating, sleeping to bathing. Many mothers think that bathing children is a simple matter, but in fact, this job is not easy at all, especially if bathing in the wrong way will directly affect the health of the child.

firstPreparing necessary items before bathing the baby is incomplete

You have to be a mother before you know that preparing baby bathing suits is not as simple as us adults. Before taking a bath, you need to prepare everything. However, it’s the first time to bathe the baby, because of inexperience, so the mother will always take something missing, but when she needs to use it, she will remember that she forgot to prepare.

Basic items when bathing baby: long basin, round basin, shower gel, shampoo, towels, milk towels, diapers, clothes, gloves, foot covers, cleaning tools: gauze, cotton swabs….

2Wash your baby’s hair first

Surely any mother who is giving her baby a bath for the first time will take the first step, which is to wash her hair first, but this is not correct! Because according to infant care experts, the mother should clean the baby’s face first so that the brain can receive and adapt to the changes of the body, then the mother washes her hair, followed by a long drying time to avoid water in baby’s ear.

3Bathe your baby in a well-ventilated place

Because of inexperience, this is the first time bathing a baby, so the mother is not interested in bathing the baby in an appropriate place, however, mothers should note that according to pediatricians, bathing babies in the air. Ventilation is a big mistake of mothers because children can get cold and easily catch colds even in summer, so mothers must be very careful.

4Wet baby’s navel when bathing

Newborn babies often have not shed their umbilical cords and the navel is the most sensitive part, but at first, mothers are often confused, so it is easy to wet the navel. But mothers need to be careful, if you don’t quickly wet the baby’s navel, wipe it with a clean cotton or cloth. At the same time, every day, the mother remembers to clean the baby’s navel, but do not scrub or pick the dirt in the baby’s navel, ..

5Do not pay attention to bathing time for the baby too late

In fact, the ideal time to bathe your baby is from 2:00 p.m. to before 4:00 p.m. every day. However, not every mother who has just bathed her baby for the first time knows this, even in her free day, it’s time to bathe her baby, not necessarily at what time.

6Abstain from bathing when your child has a fever

Many parents always think that bathing their children when they have a fever will be dangerous, but that is wrong thinking because bathing can help reduce body temperature when the baby has a high fever. However, it should be noted that bathing with warm water, not bathing for too long, and bathing only from the chest down…

7Not paying attention to the water temperature

Having just given a baby bath for the first time, mothers seem to have no experience in testing the water temperature for bathing their baby, so when testing the water’s warmth, they usually only test the water on the face, not the water on the bottom of the basin, and also Little did he know that the water in the bottom of the pot was always hotter than the water on the surface.

If the water is too hot or too cold, it affects the health of the baby, the ideal water temperature for bathing is 37 degrees Celsius.

8Bathing for too long

A mistake that many mothers make when bathing their baby for the first time is bathing their baby for a long time to kill bacteria and help them be cleaner. This will make your baby’s skin dry, make his fingernails and toenails more brittle, and sometimes cause him to catch a cold.

Above are the mistakes that many first-time mothers bathing their children often make, please refer to them for more experience to keep your baby safe and healthy!