To easily whip egg whites by hand, gather all the necessary ingredients and tools including egg whites, sugar, salt, lemon juice, a bowl, and a whisk.


How to whip egg whites

Step 1: Prepare to beat egg whites

Crack the eggs and separate the egg whites and yolks. Pour the egg whites into a mixing bowl and add a small amount of salt and sugar to the bowl.

Place a pot of water on the stove and allow it to boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat and position the whisk over the pot. Ensure you have a clean whisk ready for whipping.

Preparing to whip egg whites

Step 2: Beat the egg whites

Place the whisk over the pot of water and after 2 minutes, use a spatula to incorporate all the sugar. This will warm the egg whites. Then, remove the bowl from the pot and turn off the stove.

Position the bowl on the kitchen counter and continue to beat the mixture until large air bubbles appear. Pour the lemon juice into the bowl and continue beating continuously.

After approximately 10 minutes of beating the eggs by hand, they will become frothy.

Once the eggs appear fluffy, milky white, smooth, and thick, lift the bowl and check if the egg forms a vertical tip. Also, try turning the bowl upside down to ensure the eggs do not fall out. If they hold their shape, the whipping process is complete.

It’s important to frequently stir the whisk while beating to ensure the eggs are evenly whipped. Avoid overbeating the eggs, as this can result in a dense and lumpy texture that may not be desirable in certain dishes.

Whip the egg whites

Finished Product

Finished Product

Once the egg whites are whipped, they can be immediately used to create delicious pastries such as sponge cake, gato, or macaron.

Hopefully, with these instructions, housewives will find it easy to whip egg whites by hand and create many delightful dishes for their families to enjoy. Share your own great egg whipping tips with us by commenting below.