Here are nine ways to beautifully peel fruit that will make peeling fruit on mother-in-law’s day a breeze. Whether you’re clumsy or not, you can easily apply these fruit cutting tips.

1. How to prune an apple:
– Use a sharp knife to mark 4 equally spaced points on the apple.
– Choose one of the points and make a small V-shaped cut, then set the apple aside.
– Make 3-4 more cuts in a larger V shape, overlapping the initial cut.
– Stack the cut V-shaped apples on top of each other.
– Repeat the same operation with the remaining 3 sides.

2. How to prune spiral apples:
– Cut the apple into 4 parts.
– Slice the apple into thin slices.
– Use a sharp stick to secure the apple slices.
– Rotate the apple slices into a spiral.
– Optional: Skew more watermelon pieces on top to increase attractiveness.

3. How to prune an apple into a heart shape:
– Cut the apple in half.
– Cut the apple into even layers.
– Push the layers out in one direction to form a heart shape.

4. How to prune oranges:
– Cut the oranges into 4 pieces.
– Use a sharp knife to peel 2/3 of the orange peel.
– In the cut shell, make diagonal cuts on both sides without meeting to break the peel.
– Fold the cut peel inward to form a support for the orange zone.

5. How to cut a mango:
– Cut the mango lengthwise around the seed.
– Cut the meat inside into small squares.
– Turn the mango piece upside down to separate the squares.

6. How to cut pineapple:
– Remove 2 heads of the pineapple.
– Cut the pineapple into 4 parts.
– Cut off the shell by cutting from both sides.
– Cut the pineapple core into a V shape on both sides.
– Cut the pineapple into bite-sized pieces and arrange them on the pineapple peel.

7. How to cut watermelon into squares:
– Cut the watermelon in half.
– Cut one half of the watermelon in half again and peel it.
– Use a knife to cut a V-shaped groove along the melon.
– Cut the melon into thin slices to get heart-shaped pieces.
– Use a knife to cut many lines on the face of the watermelon to form squares.
– Secure the heart-shaped pieces onto the watermelon halves with bamboo toothpicks.

8. How to prune a watermelon into a peacock:
– Cut the watermelon in half and then cut it in half again.
– Peel 1/6 of the melon and cut it diagonally to make the bird’s head.
– Mark a fulcrum and separate the watermelon from the rind.
– Cut the watermelon into pieces and arrange them neatly into the rind.
– Use a small-headed pruning knife to trim the rind into a peacock’s crest and tail.
– Attach the crest to the bird’s head and use melon seeds for the eyes.

9. How to cut dragon fruit:
– Cut the dragon fruit in half and then into 4 parts.
– Gently separate the skin of the dragon fruit.
– Cut it lengthwise into squares of equal thickness.
– Alternate the squares to create a boat shape.

These fruit cutting techniques are both beautiful and simple. Use them to confidently serve your family and guests the most attractive fruit plates. Shop for fresh, quality fruit at Bach Hoa XANH for a delightful Tet celebration.