Tampon is more and more used by women because it creates a sense of comfort and convenience in the red light day. At Bach Khoa XANH, we sell tampons of all kinds at the best prices and best quality on the market.

Tampon was no longer strange to Vietnamese girlfriends during the red light period. Using tampons is both safe, discreet and very convenient in all circumstances. Most of them are imported products, bringing high reliability in quality, these tampon products give women a high sense of security when using.

firstSofy Soft Tampon

Sofy Soft Tampon is a product of Unicharm Corporation – Japandesigned with a convenient push rod to help users easily insert the tampon into the vagina, suitable for new users.

Advanced Japanese technology High safety, high quality cotton core is soft and absorbent, manufactured according to international processes and standards, confidently helping women experience each day of the red light gently, smoothly and dryly.

Sofy Soft Tampon box of 9 pieces, reference price 55,000 VND.

2Kotex Sport Tampon

The best types of tampons in 2019 are loved by many women

Kotex Sport Tampon is ergonomically designed with a small tapered tip that makes it easy to place the tampon in the right position. Micro Max technology with small size but extremely good absorptionthe average type is suitable for “medium days”.

In particular, the 16-stick tampon box is divided into 2 easy-to-carry small boxes, each box has 8 sticks of 7 unique colors, making it easy to find when placed in a bag, each with a convenient tear-slot packaging.

Products of Kotex – Vietnam, made in Vietnam, Reference price 72,000 VND for a box of 16 sticks.

3Kotex Luxe Tampon

The best types of tampons in 2019 are loved by many women