Do you believe that you can still make sponge cake without an oven? I will show you how to make delicious sponge cake with a rice cooker quickly with only 6 steps.

15 minutes
50 minutes
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Cake is a type of cake that is very familiar to everyone, not only children love it, but adults also love it and often make this cake at home. But what makes this cake difficult to make for many families is that to make it you need an oven.

For that reason, Bach Hoa Xanh has made instructions on how to make simple sponge cakes without an oven. Just prepare enough ingredients along with a “rice cooker” you can make yourself at home very quickly.

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firstIngredients for making sponge cake

Ingredients for making sponge cakeIngredients for making sponge cake

2How to make sponge cake with rice cooker

Step 1 Separate eggs, sprinkle flour and mix well

Separate 6 egg yolks and whites.

Sift flour and cornstarch in a bowl of egg yolks. You can replace 20g of cornstarch with 15g of flour.

For fresh milk without sugar, cooking oil gently mix. Be careful not to mix for too long to avoid the cake being called.

Separate eggs, sprinkle flour and mix wellSeparate eggs, sprinkle flour and mix well

Step 2 Beat egg whites

In a bowl of egg whites, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 5 drops of lemon juice and beat them up. If you have an egg beater, you can use a whisk beat at speed 1 for 1 minute then increase to speed 2 hit for 2 minutes then turn off.

Note: Utensils must be clean and egg whites should not be mixed with yolks or greasy, eggs will not foam and the cake will be callused.

Beat egg whitesBeat egg whites

Step 3 Mix the whites with the yolks

Mix 1/3 of the whites with the yolks, do not give it all at once, it is difficult to mix, the egg mixture is easy to collapse, the cake does not hatch. At this point you can mix freely as long as the bowl of yolks is loose and soft.

Next, Pour the bowl of yolks into the egg whites. This stage is very important, it is necessary to mix gently, but quickly and decisively so that the flour mixture blends together, not letting the mixture collapse much. After mixing, cook immediately to avoid air bubbles.

Mix the whites with the yolksMix the whites with the yolks

Step 4 Put the baking paper, pour the dough into the pot

Use baking paper in the bottom of the rice cooker Then pour in the flour mixture, take a toothpick to stir a few times to reduce air bubbles, the cake will be smoother, without large air holes.

How to make sponge cake with rice cooker with only 6 steps

Step 5 Start cooking

In case your rice cooker is a normal pot then you can Turn on the pot like normal rice cooking after the pot’s gauze lever pops up, open the lid and Check if the cake is done by gently pressing on the cake see if it sinks, if it sinks, the cake is still not cooked, continue to turn on the pot until it is cooked. The cake will cook in about 70-90 minutes.

How to make sponge cake with rice cooker with only 6 steps

Step 6 Finished Product

After the cake is cooked, the last step is to take the cake out and enjoy.

Finished ProductFinished Product


The cake baked with a rice cooker will be extremely soft, when eating the cake will melt in the mouth very attractive. The smell of freshly baked bread will be fragrant, not fishy.

Very soft sponge cakeVery soft sponge cake

4Common mistakes when making sponge cake with rice cooker

Common mistakes when making sponge cake with rice cookerCommon mistakes when making sponge cake with rice cooker

The sponge cake does not bloom or bloom poorly

Reason: When mixing the flour mixture into egg whites, you do the wrong technique or mix the dough too hard, causing the air bubbles to burst too much. This causes the dough to not have enough air bubbles to rise.

How to fix: Beat the egg yolks properly, in the process of adding sugar you add slowly, continue beating at medium speed until all the sugar in the recipe is gone. Then continue to increase the speed of the machine to the highest to beat until the tip of the head is slightly turned to one side.

Cakes taken out of the rice cooker have a fishy smell of eggs

Reason: The baking tools are not clean, the egg whites are mixed with impurities or the hand is not beaten evenly, the beating time is not enough.

How to fix: Make sure the whisk is clean, free of butter or fat, the egg whites are separated carefully, the yolk is not sticky, and beat the eggs for enough time.

The cake sticks to the rice cooker

Reason: The cake sticks to the rice cooker because you don’t have good anti-stick, which makes it difficult to remove the cake from the pot because the cake is easily broken and no longer monolithic.

How to fix: Use non-stick wax paper for the pot. You can use butter or cooking oil to brush a layer of non-stick carefully when baking with a rice cooker.

Note: If the non-stick coating is correct and the cake is still difficult to remove, let the cake cool down and then gently remove the cake slowly.

Beat egg whites without peaks

Reason: Do not beat the cake flour mixture thoroughly or mix the dough incorrectly, leading to loose cake dough.

How to fix: Beat the eggs to a fluffy degree, mix the flour gently and firmly, and after mixing, process it immediately, do not leave the dough out for too long.

So I’ve finished making cake with rice cooker, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Hope you can succeed right from the first time to enjoy with family and friends!

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