Jackfruit yogurt with the sweet taste of jackfruit combined with the sweet and sour taste of yogurt along with the toughness of jellies, makes yogurt more attractive and rich. Come to Bach Hoa XANH to see how to make this dish.

How to make jackfruit yogurt

15 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
4 persons

Jackfruit yogurt is a delicious and refreshing dish, full of fruit flavors to help dispel the heat. This article will tell you how to make delicious and unique jackfruit yogurt like no other, let’s see it now!

firstIngredients for making jackfruit yogurt

Ingredients for making jackfruit yogurtIngredients for making jackfruit yogurt

2How to make jackfruit yogurt

Step 1 Process materials

Jackfruit cut into yarn. Diced pears, Soak in salt water for 1 minute and then divide into 3 parts.

Soak the starch in cold water for 15 minutes. Then cook the starch until cooked evenly, when the starch is clear and soft, turn off the heat. Take out and soak in cold water for about 5 minutes and then drain.

Preparation of ingredients for making jackfruit yogurtProcess materials

Step 2 Make pear jelly

Give Each piece of chopped pear is mixed with 1 syrup, we get 3 pears with different colors. If you use food coloring, do the same.

Give Put each pear in a bowl of tapioca flour, mix well so that the pear is evenly coated with flour. Keep each color separate. Bring the pot of water to a boil and cook the pears one by one until the dough is clear, the pear jelly floats to the surface, then take it out.

Remember to cook each color separately.

Make pear jelly to make jackfruit yogurtMake pear jelly

Step 3 Make agar jelly

Stir in 5g of jelly powder and 100g of sugar.

You guys give Bring water to a boil and then add 5g of jelly powder with 100g of sugarcook until the mixture dissolves, about 5 minutes turn off the stove.

Pour the jelly into a mold or bowl to cool, leave for about 30 minutes for the mixture to solidify and then cut the yarn.

Make jelly to make jackfruit yogurtMake agar jelly

Step 4 Finished product

Friend Put the tapioca powder, sliced ​​jackfruit, pear jelly and jelly into the bowl, respectively or glass. Add yogurt Just enough to mix the ingredients together.

Drizzle more condensed milk or syrup if you like it sweet. So the delicious fresh jackfruit yogurt is complete!

Garnish with jackfruit yogurtGarnish with jackfruit yogurt


This dish is both beautiful and delicious with the sour and sour taste of yogurt, combined with fragrant and chewy sliced ​​jackfruit with pear jelly that is both crispy and sweet. This dish is even better when eaten cold, so you can add crushed ice or chill the ingredients before serving!

The finished product of jackfruit yogurtThe finished product of jackfruit yogurt

4Note when making jackfruit yogurt and how to store it

To make jackfruit yogurt successfully, please note the following issues:

  • Remember to sterilize your yogurt maker.
  • The female yogurt must be cooled to room temperature.
  • Boil milk not to boil
  • Choose fresh jackfruit, not overripe

Store the made jackfruit yogurt in the refrigerator! And use it for a short time, about 4-5 days!

So you know how to make jackfruit yogurt for sale or to eat deliciously. Wish you success in making desserts for the whole family!

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