Have you ever tried curry barbecue? If you haven’t already, try the method of marinating meat below this article. This dish is sure to not disappoint you.

Curry is the favorite flavor of many people because of its richness, fatness and characteristic nose-splitting aroma. Previously, curry was only used to cook water dishes such as: beef curry, chicken curry, duck curry, … but curry grilled meat is certainly little known. With the recipe for marinating grilled skewers with curry below, you will have a delicious and strange barbecue dish

Ingredients for 4 servings


Step 1: Make curry marinade with meat

You put the pot on the stove with 2 tablespoons cooking oiluntil the oil is hot, add 30g minced garlic, 30g minced shallot, 30g minced lemongrass and sauteed until fragrant. Put in the pot 30ml filtered water and boil the mixture.

Continue to put in 50g sugar, 50ml fish sauce, 20g satay chili, 20g curry powder, 5g turmeric powder, 3g pepper then continue to mix. Add the coconut milk and add minced chili if you like it spicy and then continue to mix the spices, that’s it.

Make curry sauce marinated meat

Step 2: Marinate the barbecue

The lean meat you buy is washed, then cut into thin slices. Mix the meat with the curry sauce and marinated in 30 minutes Let the meat absorb the seasoning.

How to make delicious, chewy and rich curry grilled skewers

Step 3: Skewer the meat and grill

You prepare the sticks and skewers one by one until the end. Group 1 charcoal stove, then you put each barbecue skewers on the stove, grill until you see hunted meat then spread more 1 layer of curry sauce on top to make the meat more flavorful. Because the meat has been sliced ​​thin, the grill will be cooked very quickly, when grilling, please remember continuous return and Don’t bake for too long because it will make the meat dry.

How to make delicious, chewy and rich curry grilled skewers

Finished product

How to make delicious, chewy and rich curry grilled skewers

The rich and fatty flavor of coconut milk, curry sauce marinated with leftover meat, you can put it on the stove to boil and then use it as a dipping sauce. Curry grilled meat eaten with fresh vermicelli or rolled with rice paper plus a few herbs is delicious.

Source Cooky.vn